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June 08, 2007


Vito Danelli

re: Sandy Berger giving up his law license on May 17:

Part of Berger's original plea agreement was that he was to undergo a lie detector test administered by the Justice Department.

Last January, Rep Tom Davis of Virginia and 17 other Congressmen have sent a letter to "Speedy Gonzales" asking when the lie detector was going to be administered.

Rep Davis also has a report on his website "Sandy Berger's Theft of Classified Documents: Unanswered Questions"

Interesting reading.

Now, Monica, instead of constantly shilling for the GOP and Bush and saying the same talking points about Hillary, Obaman, etc,, how about giving your listeners INFORMATION OF SUBSTANCE?!!??

Soooooooo many topics of interest you could be discussing.

Tom TB

Great show, Monica! I'm thinking of moving to Peter King's Congressional District. I have never heard of rewarding people for knowingly breaking a law, as Ted Kennedy would do, but then Vote Ted for Driver's Ed is just the messenger!


Maybe the DOUBLE STANDARD in the accountability of Scooter Libby, Sandy Burgler, and Paris Hilton SAYS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT US.

IF RUPERT MURDOCH OWNS THE ENTERTAINMENT RIGHTS to PARIS HILTION, would it not make good business sense to keep her name before the public eye by giving her wall to wall 24/7 tabloid coverage in all of the Murdoch owned media outlets? And seeing that coverage, would not it make good business sense for Murdoch's competitors to copy that coverage? After all, there's probably are best selling books and a movie in Paris's future about this absurd adventure (ie. "PARIS DOES RIKERS GUARD JOCKS", "PARIS IN STIPES"...)

In my opinion, THE POINT THIS REALLY SHOUTS TO US IF WE'RE LISTENING, is that no one person or corporation, directly or indirectly through domestic or foreign subsidiary companies, should be permitted to control the content so many media outlets (ie. Murdoch, The CBS old buzzard, GE through NBC, and Disney through ABC).

Tom TB

Pete, this Paris Hilton story somehow reminded me of that slow-car white Bronco chase with O.J.Simpson in the back. You aren't interested, it doesn't involve you, but it's on every channel and preempts everything you would have watched otherwise. Big Brother sure has gotten weird!

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