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June 04, 2007


Alexander K Chung, MD

Absolutely! Yours is the most incisive, prescient comment I have ever come across regarding terrorism.

As long as there are Americans who understand what it takes to preserve freedom, as you do, there is still hope for this great county.

History is replete with examples of people that have lost their nation to foreign aggression. I am from Korea--I know.

Alexander K. Chung, MD
Wichita, Kansas



Once again you're justifying the gringomanic, "That gal is living proof that brains can be blonde,"

As for the Osamaton's view of Americans, there's this from recent post, COMPASSIONISM, USA:....

"....Although many socialists around the world see the U.S. as still too capitalistic and "imperialistic" for their tastes, muslims tend to focus on what they see as the decadence, homosexuality, un-covered women and "moral putrefaction." In the May 16, 2007 Wall Street Journal, Bernard Lewis, widely considered the greatest living scholar on Islam, looks at the Russian and American interventions in Afghanistan and comments on how Al-Qaeda views Compassionistic America. These muslims assert that they, not the U.S., brought down the old Soviet Union.
" ....As Osama bin Laden explained, in this final phase of the millennial struggle, the world of the unbelievers was divided between two superpowers. The first task was to deal with the more deadly and more dangerous of the two, the Soviet Union. After that, dealing with the pampered and degenerate Americans would be easy...."

Monica, are we getting it from both ends, i.e. from Libdom's sanctimonious Hollywood/Media complex, and then from the Islamos for the raunch and tastelessness which that complex of pampered narcissism spews on the world as 'American'?

By the way, your interview with the cogent Walid Phares reminds gringoVision of another title it bestows on you: Warrior Woman in the War of Ideas.

Of course, Americans, as you would know, have a tough time dealing with abstractions. (I include Georgie "It's a Religion of Peace" Bush.) This is another reason to recommend the new Greco-Roman galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. Here the idea of the West takes shape and fabulous forms. As an example, I give you a superb foto heading new post, POLITICALLY INCORRECT CITIZEN.('The Greeks Had a Clue')

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