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June 05, 2007




Jim Lavelle.

All of your blogs are great conservative reading..But today's(D-Day)was outstanding.Thanks for remembering the sacrifices of the GI's and what they achieved.


I hope your not implying that George Bush's immoral and illegal blood-fest in Iraq is as noble an endeavor as the invasion at Normandy, because if you are you should head immediately to a psychiatrist's couch and deal with your thought disorder.
American soldiers in Iraq are not fighting for our freedom. They were sent there by a bloodthirsty President acting out his personal conflicts and angst on the International stage, and by a Congress full of cowardly saps who can't see the forest through the trees.
Let me say it loud and clear. As courageous as they may be, our soldiers in Iraq are victims of a deluded leader. We owe it to them to get them the hell out of there. That is the least and the most we can do for them. The VA and their families will be left to pick up the pieces, if there are any pieces left to pick up.


Their bravery, however, is cut from the same cloth as the young men at Normandy. That is indisputable.


It should be our solemn and sacred duty to save our young men and women serving in Iraq. As Americans, we hold it within our power to alter the course of events over there by altering them here.
But first we must advise ourselves that each and every American life is worth saving.
Often we are too busy hating, (Muslims and others), to understand the need of young people, (theirs and ours) to stay alive and contribute to their families, communities country, and to life itself.
We should not knowingly sacrifice the beauty talent and genius of our youth, to the alter of hate.

How many enemies must we kill and how many of our youth must we sacrifice, to discover that although the enemy may not have the war tools we have, they have an infinite supply of warriors.

I do not want to invite my grandchildren to hand to hand combat in the streets of Iraq or L.A. . I want them to be able to promise their children a peaceful world without bulls##ting them. To promise under God Allah or Betty Boob, that they have given up War as a solution for anything.

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