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May 19, 2007


Morgan Saunders


Morgan Saunders

I would urge our citizens to accept this immigration Bill - Now!!

If Commander-In-Chief Hillary or Obama have their way - Ted ( Hick-Cup ) Kennedy will get his fat butt to our borders ( Jet or Limo ) just as fast as Ted can to "Open-The-Flood-Gates"!!

I also would encourage our citizens to tell our government and elected officials to STOP sending our money around the world - to help others - some who in-turn support our enemies - and take care of all of us here living and working in our Homeland!!

Just secure the borders - NOW - and stop the terrorists who want to kill us all - esp. the "Home-Grown" terrorists!!

Yes - I agree - Great Show Today!


You got Chops, babe!

Cool beans!


xx,res~~in camo.



DURING WARTIME WHEN NATIONAL SECURITY IS OF PARAMOUNT CONCERN, continued suppression of U.S. law enforcement efforts is permanently destroying our borders. The Bush administration looks the other way as valuable U.S. border agents lured overseas by six-figure salaries to Iraq, and, border agents are prosecuted on false charges for doing their job to stop the flow of illegal alients and illicit drugs.

This terrible proposal will import millions of non-English speaking people, together with the crime, drugs, disease and corruption now prevalent in their Latin and Central American countries of origin. This terrible law would allow 100 million new legal mmigrants over the nNext 20 years. These millions of new resident aliens lack of understanding our language and culture. This ignorance will enable our politicians to get away with anything they want. Trust in our police and politicians will be diminished. Lacking our current common language of English, our country will become a “Tower of Babble” where citizens will be unable to communicate.

PRESS 1 for DESTRUCTION of our NATION as we now know it!

Why should we believe this agreement as a new law would be enforced when existing immigration laws are not enforced?

- U.S. border inspectors almost never use face-& fingerprint-matching technology touted as sophisticated new way to stop terrorists & illegal aliens from entering the U.S.

- Only 2 miles of the authorized 800 miles of BORDER FENCE have been built since this authorization became law.

They should have started by deporting the 28% of our prison population that are ILLEGAL aliens!

They also need to repeal the law that grants U.S. citizenship for ANCHOR BABIES born to illegal aliens on U.S. soil.

The dilution of our European English culture and communication, and, the importation of crime, disease, illicit drugs, and corruption is TO HIGH A COST TO PAY for a cheap labor supply to our business and the perceived purchase Hispanic votes by both political parties.

I recommend that everyone should email their senators and representative and threaten to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE IN THE NEXT ELECTION if they vote for this ABOMINABLE PLAN.

Maria Castronova

But Monica there is more......James Earl Carter did something bold about Afghanistan. He
courageously boycotted the Olympics in Moscow. This led to ruining the
dreams of hundreds of our athletes and then having the whole eastern
bloc boycott the L.A. 1984 Olympics. Meanwhile the USSR stayed in
Afghanistan for years causing us to have to arm the Taliban, who after
the USSR left, used those weapons on us. Oh wait, all that is a bad
thing, lol. I guess even when Carter did something, he screwed up.
Monica thanks for sharing that brilliant piece. Keep up the good fight! You go Girl! God Bless our troops and our current Commander and Chief President George W. Bush.

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