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May 05, 2007




Of all the motley crew, Duncan Hunter impressed me most when he firmly ssid THE DOUBLE FENCE he built in Southern California reduced BY 92% the flow of ILLEGAL ALIENS, including drug smugglers, sneaking into the USA. he other candidates appeared to pretend to want to control the borders, but then said they wanted a "Comprehensive Immigration Bill" [Translation = AMNESTY ultimately to the 30 million ILLEGAL ALIENS already here, including ONE THIRD of THE TOTAL PRISON POPULLATION. Of course Duncan Hunter is not well known and has not got adequate monetary backing - TOO BAD!

Of those who have raised the big bucks, MITT ROMNEY impressed me most. I like his successful experience in the private sector and his strong position that he'd VETO excessive government spending. I also like his strong family values. I'm concerned about his lack of international experience, although I'm confident he'd make quality appointments to positions to cover his weaknesses. I also think he'd appoint strict constructionists to fill Supreme Court vacancies.


The moderator, Chris Mathews, came off as having LEFTIST BIAS - not unexpected from a Democrat Political Hack who was employee of the scandal disgrased late Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill. His constant cutting off of candidate responses, especially those of Representative Tom Tancredo, was most annoying. And many of Chris' questions were SOPHOMORIC! Most QUESIONS were transparently DESIGNED TO SMEAR the Republican Party by associating it with scandal. THIS WAS DISGUSTING!

- Had to understand why Republicans allowed themselves to appear on the low ratings PMSNBC channel with the always LEFT BIASED Chris Mathews as host. Perhaps it was a display that, unlike the Democrat candidates who ran away from a debate hosted by Fox News Channel, the republicans are unafraid to face the tough questions from opposing partisans. Well they sure got what they wished for on PMSMBC - Low ratings and hostile sophomiric questioons. They reported, but who watched?

And, then there were all of those signs advertising the GEORGE SOROS backed POLITICO.COM and the SOPHOMRIC QUESTIONS from their representative [what in hell was he doing there anyway!].

I thought RUDI KAZOODI GUILLIANI was underwhelming when he gave that wishy washy esponse to the ABORTION QUESTION. We all know his history - he's a SCOIAL LIBERAL. And he pioneered SANCTUARY CITIES FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS while he was in office - Just what we need more of with the War on Islamo-Fascist Imperialism threatenning us at home and abroad - YEAH RIGHT! Also, his poor history on family values is a matter of public record.

MY GOD - WHAT IS OUR COUNTRY COMING TO? It would not surprise me to read that the primaries for the 2012 election have been moved up to December 2007.

Just my humble opinions for what it's worth.


.....Reviewing the May 03 Republican debate, Peggy Noonan, a former aide to Ronald Reagan, laid it on nice and thick in the Wall Street Journal...."But behind the hopeful candidates, a dwarfing shadow loomed, a shadow almost palpable in its power …"

She was referring, of course, to a no-show, someone who hasn't even entered the race yet, a man who, as gringommentary last week predicted, leading Pub contenders have reason to fear, despite having a huge head-start over him in the do-or-die matters of fund-raising and organization. Peggy's "dwarfing shadow" would be, yes, the Tennessean Fred Thompson. So, is it time to know more about this lawyer and celebrated TV actor, as rivals and enemies hurry into serious dirt digging mode? Yes, no question. (And surely Monica will fill us in during weeks to come)

By the way, it turns out that former Senator Thompson is also known to think and to write. Apparently, despite a certain stately, even courtly manner, he will even engage controversy, i.e.that which will make passionate friends and equally passionate enemies. E.g. Here is a recent article in which he confronts two figures who polarize on a level comparable to Hillary Rodham Clinton and George Walker Bush: namely Fidel Castro and Michael Moore, not to mention Hollywood and the "strange infatuation" with El Commandante, the world's hoariest dictator (surpassing not only the 12-year reign of National Socialist Adolf Hitler, but even the 30-year reign of International Socialist Josip Djugashvili Stalin): The interested can read Thompson's THE MYTH OF CUBAN HEALTH CARE (Now at gringommentary or


PS. Fred Thompson spoke to big Republican bash last night in Orange County, CA. On the subject of Democrats' perennial "Tax the Rich" mantra to fund their staggering Entitlement Empire, he said that when the "Tax the rich" mantra sounds, the middle class better get away fast. Or, as gringoVision says: It's all about picking pockets for income redistribution. Liberals own that game, (while sharing patent rights with RINOS.)


At the below link, WATCH "The Great Global Warming Swindle"



I listened to you and Angela prattle on about the so called "liberal agenda".
Now, here it is Monica, right from the horse's mouth. I am a liberal—have been for over fifty years, and honestly I have no idea what a "liberal agenda" is. Unless you mean, people who think for themselves.
The only people I know of who use the term are right leaning Republicans like yourself, so I must assume it is your invention, yours and others of like mind. Liberal Democrats tend to be p#ss poor planners anyway and it seems to me that to have an agenda, you must be a pretty good planner.
Republicans, on the other hand, are great planners, but their plans usually go awry because most of the time their plans are laced with bias and/or are based on ill conceived or false premises, anachronistic thinking and an insufficient consideration of consequences.

So Monica, if you are looking for agendas, perhaps you should start with your own, or with others of like mind.

You seem to be a religious person Monica. Does God have an agenda? If he does, I'll bet it's a pretty damned liberal one.
I mean, God must have a more up his sleeve than the ten commandments, don't you think?

And you must have more up yours too, right Monica.


Tax the rich. Tax them more. Tax them again and again. Then tax them some more. It is for their own good. It will help lead them out of prostitution and into the good life.

(Do not be afraid, Monica, mein kint. It is not an agenda. It is a thought.)


Some clueless long-time sheeple liberals have such a low self image that they need to see others with differing views as "not thinking for themselves" in order to feel more superior. They don't even realize how foolish they appear when they attack others for no reason other than jealousy that their targets have the ability to string multiple thoughts together to support their position on an issue.





By Spengler

"We [Arabs] have become extinct," said Syrian poet Adonis in a March 11 Dubai television interview transcribed by the Israeli media monitor MEMRI, [1] but ignored by the mainstream Western media. The prognosis by Adonis, the only Arabic writer on the Nobel Prize short list, for the Arab prospect has become more bleak over the years, and his latest pronouncement has a Spenglerian finality.

........see the above link FOR THE REST OF THE STORYH.


How do I tell you, "Let me count the ways."
It is a myth—a fantasy, born bred and promulgated by right wing ideologues, like Monica and friends, who shot themselves in the foot in '06 and are limping and howling toward another major defeat in '08.
Keep the lies coming ladies and gents. As the the grave you are digging gets deeper and deeper, eventually you will come to realize that the stench you rail so much against is emanating from your own sheep-like body parts.


The last important elected official who was capable of
stringing "multiple thoughts together to support" his "position on an issue" was none other than one of your favorite scapegoats, President William Jefferson Clinton.
The current aficionado in that category is none other than your next Commander and Chief, President Hillary R. Clinton. You will find that your future Vice President, Barack Obama, is also quite adept at stringing together "multiple thoughts".
Right wing mini-pundits, (like Monica and yourself), who are constitutionally incapable of changing course, will predictably stick with the only tactics they are inherently capable of, i.e. stringing together multiple forms of propaganda and character assassination. BaaAAAAAAHHHHH!

P.S. You haven't trademarked, "BaaAAAAAAHHHHH" have you? Jeez, I hope not.


Keep sipping your HOPE COCKTAIL, JOL.

If she's nominated to the top of the 2008 Dem ticket, I predict she will receive the same ballot box outcame as Ms Royal in France. This will be a big blow to you and your kind. Prehaps some pre-election sessions with a good shrink will help you cope. If you take to the streets and burn cars like the disappointed French socialist appeasers, that group receives the justice it deserves.

Anyway, we shall know in the fullness of time.


Hey Pete ... Watch it. -- Don't push JOL too hard or he will come back
under his other alias, the notorious Mr. Simons ... and then proceed
with the compulsive need to talk your ear off into oblivion.

No one deserves such a fate... Heh heh.

This occasion calls to mind the old saying that goes something
like this:

If a person is below age 20 and is not a liberal,
he has no heart .....

BUT a person who is above age 40 and is not a conservative,
has no brains!

See ya. -- SAM


There is a smattering of truth in that Sam. As liberals go, I am a rather conservative one.
But remember, potty training is the first fifty years. If you're fortunate, you might get to sandbox, perhaps even kindergarten.
But, unfortunately, Sam, you are a little paranoid. Mr. Simons is Mr. Simons and Jol is Jol.


Gee, sorry JOL. Its so hard to tell you two apart when you deliver
all the same smear content and mostly identical talking points.
But forgive me if I call you Simons now and again, since you both
goose-step to the rhythm of monovular Schadenfreude with all its
associated kooky Left-wing tripe.

Happy a Nice Day! -- SAM


But we're both patriots, ain't we Sam? Stars and tripe forever.

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