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May 02, 2007




You're being very unfair to lemmings. Despite some similarities to Hollywooders, there are important differences.

1. It's true, lemmings are rodents, but very small rodents. Do you know any Hollywood mogul or actor who weighs only 1--4 ounces?

2. They are normally found in the cold of the Arctic and never in gated communities of Mexifornia, telling the un-gated how to live.

3. They do not pretend to be unrelated to rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils.

4. They feed on leaves, shoots, grasses etc, not on ego, narcissism and everybody's DVD dreams.

5. Solitary by nature, they can live without being seen, heard of or mentioned on Page Six.

6. Like all rodents, they have a high reproductive rate and do not support a female lemming's right to choose.

7. Not having a sense of guilt for surviving successfully as rodents, they do not give aid and succor to prominent rats in order to feel better about themselves.

ps. Congratulations on your WFAN radio-ing with Boomer and Charles. It worked---as anybody with an ear can tell you.

Joe Dolinoy

I love you for being the person you are and not afraid to speak your mind whatever the lashback might be. Bravo to you! I loved your support for Imus as well. Those Sharptonites & Jacksonites are always looking for a cause they can latch onto whether or notthe validity is there. I'll never forget the Tawana Brawley debacle.These Holywoodites are the same . The Baldwins and the Streisans are all the same. They continue to make asses out of themelves. "Shut up and Sing", you jerks.
Keep up the good work Monica.


HOLLYWEIRD IDIOT LEMMINGS - If they only had a brain!

What in their backgrounds qualifies them to use their privileged position to spout off on geopolitical issues without accountability?

How many of them went past high school? Check each of their biographies to find out.

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