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May 21, 2007



We can thank President JIMMY CARTER for withdrawing American support from THE SHAH of IRAN which was our alley bordering the former Soviet Union at the time. AS A RESULT OF such SUPPORT WITHDRAWAL, the Islamists overthrew the SHAH's regime and invited the Allatoyah Komaniac to come back from excile in France to become Iran's "Supreme Leader". The Islamists made an unprecidented raid on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran taking the hostages and holding them for 444 days until President Reagan was sworn in. We all remember Carter's feable attempt to rescue the hostages that ended with our helicopters crashing in the desert.

President Carter was the perfect picture of a HYPOCRITE! While making HUMAN RIGHTS of paramount concern in foreign policy, he never met a dictator or tyrant he did not loike enough to coddle up to. There were those photos of him kissing up to Fidel Castro and Yassar Arafat. And after leaving office, his kissed up to Hugo Chavez who has assumed dictatorial power in Venezuala and is sizing private property and businesses like the Socialist dictator Mugabe did in Zimabue. He will find out that when you do what fails in other countries, you get the same outcome.

And Carter allowed our Military and intelligence services to be gutted and emasculated by spending cuts and law changes that handcuffed their operations to this day.

Hank Williams 4th

Jimmy Carter should be ashamed of his pettiness, but he isn't. I think he forgot his own barren legacy as President!

Wasn't he a Pastor at one stage in his life? If he was, I can see his religion did him harm! SHAME!

Maria Castronova

But Monica there is more......James Earl Carter did something bold about Afghanistan. He
courageously boycotted the Olympics in Moscow. This led to ruining the
dreams of hundreds of our athletes and then having the whole eastern
bloc boycott the L.A. 1984 Olympics. Meanwhile the USSR stayed in
Afghanistan for years causing us to have to arm the Taliban, who after
the USSR left, used those weapons on us. Oh wait, all that is a bad
thing, lol. I guess even when Carter did something, he screwed up.
Monica thank you for your brilliant piece and for always fighting the good fight! You Go Girl!
God bless our troops and our current Commander & Chief George W. Bush!

Tom TB

Monica, I'd forgotten his wearing that darn sweater and then telling us to lower the thermostats in our houses, as heating oil prices skyrocketed. The four Carter years were a litany of lowered American expectations, and when Reagan was sworn in I thought summer followed winter!

dave green

Nice flair for revisionism you have Monica. Of course, that should be expected of a professional Nixon apologist such as yourself.

Since when do you care about Presidents breaking unspoken rules of civility? Sorry, but the Confederacy is long-ended and grown-ups are now allowed to speak their minds.

You write like a child Monica; a manipulative and sophomoric child who recklessly plays with the truth in service of your tranparent political agenda.

So let's run through some of your most recent gibberish:

1. "During Carter's presidency, 53 Americans were taken hostage by the Islamic regime in Iran and held for 444 days, while Carter stood around, impotent. It was only when Ronald Reagan had been elected did the Ayatollah finally fear the United States and release them."

Are you actually claiming that Carter should have anticipated the Iranian hostage crisis and do you actually believe that the hostages were released because Reagan had been elected? Carter ordered a rescue mission that the military screwed up. Carter was man enough to take the full blame. The Ayatollah then was no more afraid of Reagan, than today's Ayatollah is of Bush when it comes to the issue of uranium enrichment.

2. "During Carter's presidency, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, allowing our Cold War nemesis to pick up a strategic asset. Once again, Carter stood around, impotent."

The Soviets got as bogged down in Afghanistan as the U.S. did in Vietnam. But since you mentioned Afghanistan, Reagan and Bush, Sr. did a nice job of arming and training Osama and the Taliban so that they could fight the Russians and then evolve into today's out-of-control fiasco.

3. "During Carter's presidency, double-digit inflation ran rampant. So did sky-high unemployment and rocketing interest rates."

Hmm, I seemed to recall that the inflation was the combined result of combined rampant Viet Nam inflationary war spending and skyrocketing oil prices due to Arab oil embargoes connected to our U.S. support of Israel. We will probably experience similar inflation following the current administration's rampant printing of money to fund the current disaster in Iraq to the tune of $10 billion per month. The dollar is tanking and China owns our debt. The good news for you Moncica is that the inevitable inflationary spiral will occur under the next president's watch; a Democrat...so you will once again have the opportunity to blame "rampant inflation" on the opposition.

4. "During Carter's presidency, America was in such bad shape that he actually ordered the White House Christmas decorations to go dark in 1979 and 1980. Grinch!"

There ya go again Monica...telling half the story.
Gee, didn't those enery shortages have something to do with Arab oil embargoes? Carter was the only President with the guts to take on the oil cartels and try to model behaviors that would conserve energy. (55 mph speed limits was one such measure resulting in less oil consumption and fewer trafric fatalities) Republicans have done nothing to decrease foreign oil dependencies. No fuel efficiency standards, no communication strategies to urge conservation. Result...wars in the Mideast to protect our oil interests...costing billions with nothing to show for it.

5. "Sure, he guided the final stages of the Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt. But those discussions---and the heavy diplomatic lifting---began under Richard Nixon and continued through Gerald Ford."

This was my favorite Monica. What a load of crap. Heavy-lifting requires heavyweights Monica. Nixon and Ford were featherweights. Carter sat down with Begin and Sadat for 10 days and managed to co-create a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that has lasted thirty years. After he left office, Carter convinced the Sandinista leader in Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, to voluntarily abandon his communist dictatorship in favor of free elections. Much more effective than Reagan's notorious support of the Contras and their right wing, drug-selling death squads.

5. ""Are you better off today than you were four years ago?," Reagan famously asked during the 1980 campaign. The answer was a resounding "no," and Reagan defeated Carter in a landslide."

Ahh, I knew we'd finally find some common ground Monica. This was a great slogan used by Reagan to highlight the inflation and recession that plagued the Carter years and resulted in the disasterous Reagan victory. I am hoping that the Democrats resurrect this slogan in 2008. "Are you better off than you were four years ago? Are you feeling safer than you were four years ago?" Hmmm, I'm guessing that the voting public will be heavily influenced by the obvious fact that Bush's failed policies have created a breeding ground for terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. The Republicans will not be able to contest the fact that they spent a trillion dollars on misguided military disasters. Questions: how many suicide bombers and al-Qaeda followers were prospering in Iraq under Saddam Hussein? How much cheaper has a gallon of gas gotten since we invaded Iraq? How much better off are we today, than we were four years ago? These are the questions that will be asked and answered in 2008.


Tom TB

We don't manufacture brain-controlled sub-humans that want to destroy the greatest system that is open in one way or another to anyone who wants to improve their life! I've never seen one iota of proof that Islamic fanatics can compromise about anything. They aren't fit for the modern world.




Carter Planted Seeds Of Al-Qaida
By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2007 4:20 PM PT

Leadership: After being told over and over by President Jimmy Carter that America's ability to influence world events was "very limited," the Soviet Union believed him and invaded Afghanistan. And al-Qaida was born.

Joe from North Bellmore, NY

James Earl Carter is one mean bastard. When he was the Governor of Georgia, he decided to reduce the state welfare roll and here is how he did it. He cut the benefits of ALL welfare recipients in half. He then offered to pay the relocation costs of anybody who would leave the state. Many of these displaced people did some research and found New York paid some of the highest benefits in the nation. Of course when considering the much higher cost of living in NYS, the increase was nullified. Many people who did not belong on welfare were forced to find employment, and I have no argument there, however many families were split apart with members dispersed all over the country and no way to reunite. I know this as I was a Social Worker with the Nassau County (N>Y>) Department of Social Services at the time. For months we would come to work and find cars holding families and all of the home furnishings they could carry stuffed in them. Cruelly, these cars, many with matresses tied to the roof became known as "Carter's Caravans."
Many of these people were not prepared to negotiate the NCDSS application process and were not always in possession of the required documentation. Some ended up living in their cars, abondoned structures or with relatives or friends until the applications could be completed and processed, a tedious process at best. In just this one county, I was witness to the suffering and indignities forced on these Georgian Refugees.


Monica: I can well remember when Carter was president. I voted for him because I was a young and faithful democrat. These years were the worst in my memory. Inflation was the highest ever. Nobody could buy a home. I guess maybe that's why he is helping people build homes today, but he didn't help us build any houses back then. The country could not have weathered another term.


(singing in harmony) Jimmy Carter. President Jimmy Carter. Peanut farmer. Jimmy Carter. YEAH. Yeah. YEAH. Yeah.


"Carter, in my opinion, was one of the nation's finest presidents when it came to the environment; in particular, he deserves kudos for throwing the weight of his administration behind the Alaska Lands bill. I think his now-tarnished reputation will improve with time and better understanding of the unpredictable and intractable events that plagued his ill-starred presidency. True, his patient course did not free hostages in Iran. Yet his control of the executive branch looks positively inspired -- and aboveboard -- when compared with the criminal chaos that resulted when President Reagan turned the 'cowboys' on his National Security staff loose in the Iran-contra affair."

-- Morris K. Udall (U.S. Rep. (Dem.) Ariz. 1961-1991), "Too Funny to be President" (Henry Holt & Co. 1988), at page 143.

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