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May 19, 2007



Continued suppression of U.S. law enforcement efforts is permanently destroying our borders. The Bush administration looks the other way as valuable U.S. border agents lured overseas by six-figure salaries to Iraq.

This terrible proposal will import millions of non-English speaking people, together with the crime, drugs, disease and corruption now prevalent in their Latin and Central American countries of origin. This terrible law would allow 100 million new legal mmigrants over the nNext 20 years. These millions of new resident aliens lack of understanding our language and culture. This ignorance will enable our politicians to get away with anything they want. Trust in our police and politicians will be diminished. Lacking our current common language of English, our country will become a “Tower of Babble” where citizens will be unable to communicate.

PRESS 1 for DESTRUCTION of our NATION as we now know it!

Why should we believe this agreement as a new law would be enforced when existing immigration laws are not enforced?

- U.S. border inspectors almost never use face-& fingerprint-matching technology touted as sophisticated new way to stop terrorists & illegal aliens from entering the U.S.

- Only 2 miles of the authorized 800 miles of BORDER FENCE have been built since this authorization became law.

They should have started by deporting the 28% of our prison population that are ILLEGAL aliens!

They also need to repeal the law that grants U.S. citizenship for ANCHOR BABIES born to illegal aliens on U.S. soil.

The dilution of our European English culture and communication, and, the importation of crime, disease,drug importation, and corruption is to high a cost to pay for cheap labor supply to our business and the perceived purchase Hispanic votes by both political parties.

I emailed my Senators and Representative and threatened to vote them out of office in the next election if they vote for this terrible proposal. I RECOMMEND EVERYONE ELSE WHO SEES IT THIS WAY DO SO ALSO.


everyone needs to locate a local group in their state that is addressing illegal immigration at the local level - for example google 'new jersey citizens for immigration control'; 'connecticut citizens for immigration control'.
you can also go the the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) they will help you find a local group,
here in new jersey we are approaching local mayors and requesting (forcefully, but of course "respectfully" ) that they sign onto 287g (google it) in their respective towns - and, as we anticipate that many of these mayors, especially those in sanctuary cities, will reject our request we are starting to plan and organize our petition drives.

i am so angry that these government officials are refusing to meet their obligations to insure our national security and i am not going to just sit at home and yell at the radio

Morgan Saunders

Our leadership has taken a hike on us for over twenty (20) years on our border security & immigration - Monica!

If money is an issue - then demand that our government and elected officials - keep OUR money home - spend it on our "Homeland"!!

It really burns my butt when I see our money going to others- who in turn - support our enemies!!

I dis-agree with the "Citizenship" comment - most "Latino's" will make excellent citizens!

I admire their "Family Values" and "Work Ethics" over the "Black American Citizens" any-day-of-the-week!

The "Latino's" and our "Black Folks" are not going any-wheres - so we are all in this mess to-get-her - and we have to learn to just get a-long!

Most of us are "Proud-To-Be-Americans" and the "Latino's" along with the "Black Folks" feel the same way!

A person's skin color does not make them less of a citizen!

I agree with Mr. Larry Kudlow - God Bless America - The Land of The Free - Thanks To The Brave - The Land Of Opportunity!!

Goldie-Locks Rocks!

There is always room for one more!

Michael COUSIN

I was listening to you on Jim CRAMER Live this morning. I think there are many points that are missed in this great immigration debate.

Why are many of these immigrants coming to the US, to become Americans, I do not think so. If I can go to another country and make about 10 times my salary for those monies to be sent back to the US so that I can afford housing, I would do it too,

I work hard everyday since 16 years of age (I am now 43) for the right to take a 30-year mortgage out to afford the American dream. At current the BUSH administration is tell me it is better to be illegal than to working with the Americans we have.

I know many legal and illegal immigrants who are working to earn the home “back in my country”. We the US are giving illegal aliens the right to work to help your home country not to work to make a better America. I am sure those that come to the US illegally are not caring of what is better for American but what will pay for the house back home.

Can we look at the disparity in home costs between the US and most of those countries that “send” the work force to the US? In the US, I cannot afford the 20% for a home but in Colombia, the country my wife is from, I have three homes for the price of that 20%.

I also hear about these Tech jobs H1B, when in many cases they are those just out of school who can afford to make a life in their country on what they are being paid here. Work in the US for six years, return to India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc and have a nice home to provide for my family. This is saying after all these years US citizens cannot get this job well maybe we need to start training for a future. A company that hires a foreign worker must pay a young low-income family child to go through college, university, etc. so we can fund our own work force.

I do not understand why the government of the US feel by making it easier for illegal aliens to work in the US really helps the US. Maybe workfare as apposed to welfare in which we put capable workers in the fields to work if they want their government stipend.

I do not see in anyway how this will really benefit the US and if our politicians really want to know what is going on they need to get away from their ivory capital building and see what is really going on. How much untaxed income is being Western Union and Money gram out of the country.

I would like to know what I personally would get out of this. My wife does not want to live in the US (and does not have to because I am paying for the two households here and there) and I would like to go to Colombia making the same wages or more than I am making in the US; I have a friend who would like to do the same in Panama. I am sure there are others who would like to do the same, can we make an exchange program for all the US citizens who wish to work in foreign countries. I would love to make my $67,000 doing security, waiting tables, maybe construction, in Colombia and have the opportunity to come home to my wife and children after a finish my work for the day. Why is this government not looking out for the US citizen who would like to do legally what the illegal are doing in the US?

Finally, I would rally like to see every country on the planet adapt the same regulations; where they allow foreigners legal or illegal come to their country to take jobs from their citizens. If other countries adopt the principles as this country would, their citizens be happy?

If you do not understand what I am trying to communicate or if you would like to expand on my points, feel free to contact me at 340-344-7203.

James A. McNeil

I am not a lawyer, but I remember learning about “writ of mandamus” where the court can compel a government employee to do his job and discharge his duties. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandamus)

Since the President is refusing to enforce immigration laws, I think We the People should sue the President and ask the court to issue a “writ of mandamus” and order the him to do his job. We elected him, we are paying him, he took an oath of office, and therefore we have a right to expect him to fulfill his constitutional duties.

Monica, thanks for speaking out.

James A. McNeil


Oh Monica ... You are so right, its not funny. How could they sell us out like this? I am so disappointed with W on this point. I cannot understand his willingness to flush the last little bit of support he enjoys from the BASE, down the tubes over this illegal immigration thing. After Harriet Meyers and the Dubai ports deal, one might have thought he would decide against drilling another hole in the bottom of his lifeboat, but here we go again. Just another slap in the face to the real conservatives from our favorite Centrist... oops, sorry ... "Compassionate Conservative." Almost forgot. Serves us right for buying that stupid line to begin with. Live and learn, eh Monica? - SAM

James A. McNeil

Hey Sam, you asked: How could they sell us out like this?

They *can* because they *know* that we will re-elect them either way. The person to blame is the man in the mirror.

Call your rep in congress, fax her, email her, visit her office, get in her face. Maybe it will make a difference.

You see, when they give these people an amnesty, the reward for your congressman is 15 million of single issue voters in their favor. While we Americans are busy tearing each other apart over partisan politics, illegal aliens and their supporters are busy advancing their cause.

So what are you going to do about it, Sam?

dave green

Well Monica...nice to see the usual band of racists, xenophobes and suck-ups responding to your reactionary gibberish. "Capitulation"...well you got that right. Why not tell the whole story and admit that Bush is capitulating to both his big business supporters who don't want their supply of cheap labor cut off, as well as future electoral constituencies in Florida, California and Texas.



Recently in answer to a reporter question at a news conference, I heard President Bush remark "Sometimes commercial interests TRUMP political interests".


Evidence of such border irrelevancy is beginning to mount. These stories support the gathering efforts to integrate Mexaco, the USA, and Canada. Such union would unite us politically and economically, and the countries would have common security provided. Each country's currency would disappear and be replaced by "THE AMERO" to be used throughout North America. We can only hope that current Mexican government corruption will not result in similar corruption for the combined new entity!

5/24/07: North American union plan to Congress this fall - Powerful think tank prepares report on benefits of integration between U.S., Mexico, Canada







What to do? What to do? Americans are thrashing about, wondering how to stop their rulers from (as gringoVision puts it) "globalizing away the USA". (We exclude the lib/lefties, up to their old devious tricks, trying to make this an issue of race in order to obscure the issue of law.) How to stop it? Phone? Email? Fax? Obviously working Americans can't hit the streets like the pampered and subsidized "progressives" and "Puff the Magic Dragon" types can.

So then what? Here's another suggestion (to supplement any other method.) It's in the extended caption to foto at new gringoman post, COMPASSIONISM, USA. You read it. You decide. Note: Few will grasp the value of this "flag revolt" yet. But you decide.....

Foto (h/t Michelle Malkin.) 2006. The Mexican flag and upside down American flag, as displayed by hispanic students in Mexifornia (still officially known as California.) What the students, intent on insult, did not know : Flying the flag upside down is a distress signal. Some American patriot groups, opposed to flying the flag upside down, do not believe that unprecedented tidal waves of illegal immigration create such "distress." Others believe it does. The prospect of cultural collapse and multi-lingual Balkanization into a Super Welfare State, they believe, qualifies as "distressing." Question: What if troubled Americans, the "silent majority" all across the land flew their flags upside down in protest? While some patriot groups would oppose it and not get it, would Washington realize that something is in the air---not insurrection, maybe, not exactly, but something like it? Thomas Jefferson mentioned this theme over 200 years ago. (below.)


James McNeil, maybe YOU vote for them again after they completely
betray the policies they were supposed to support, but that is not how
we do it in our neck of the woods. Maybe you are projecting some of
your own guilt onto the rest of us. You should answer your own question.
We certainly do not need any prodding from other camps which instruct
us how to deal with this. Maybe you want to run for office, if this bothers
you enough. - SAM

Dave Green? Now there is a creative name. What happened to JOL
and Mark Simons, did you get tired of those discredited, bumbling
character studies? (Do not bother denying it again.) Drive-by hit jobs
are your specialty. Maybe you should apply for a patent. - SAM


BLAME Democrat Senator TED KENNEDY for today's out of control immigration debacle and increasing danger from the enemy within! TED KENNEDY is a CO-SPONSOR of this "Bi-Partisan Comprehensive Immigration Bill".

TED KENNEDY sponsored the "Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965". Up until 1965, most immigrants were skilled and educated - they were from countries compatable with our Judao-Christian heratage. THIS DISASTER OF AN IMMIGRATION BILL increase immigration levels from 200,000 to 1,000,000 per year and reduced to 10% the immigrants from such capatible countries. THIS WAS THE POINT WE STARTED TO IMPORT PEOPLE for THIRD WORLD CULTURES INCOMPATABLE WITH OUR CULTURE. It is the main reason why today such third world imports legally use our free speech laws to preach overthrow of our democracy, behead those who they perceive to insult Islam, .....

Recent studies show the U.S. Muslim population has risen quickly to about 2.5 million. IF THIS TREND IS NOT SOON STOPPED, INTIMIDATION and INTOLERANCE WILL REACH A BOILING POINT HERE as it already has in many European countries. Some European countries are waking up from their long slumber on this issue.

5/24/07: AN IDEA FOR AMERICA’s 2 MILLION MUSLIMS: France to Pay Immigrants to Return Home


Switzerland has banned construction of new mosques.

WILL WE WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE ?? We shall only know in the fullness of time.

Thus far, the pattern we are following is similar to the Rome followed during its fall. Invite in the Barbarians, use the barbarians, and then wake up one day to find the barbarians have gradually gained control over everything we hold near and dear. The land on which the Roman Empire occupied is still there, BUT THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE ARE VERY DIFFERENT IN 2007.

"We Cubans had America to come to when Casto's dictatorship arose. If a tyrant arises in America, WHERE WILL YOU GO ????"

- Meryslisa Gonzalez (Counsin of little Ilian Gonzalez who was kidnapped by the ATF and shipped back to Cuba by the Clinton Administrion)



This Heritage Foundation Video on YouTUBE spells out
the folly of the illegal immigration proposal passed by
the US Senate:


Please copy and send to every American you know. This bill
can be defeated in the House of Representatives, if enough
of us refuse to be played for suckers.


The politicians pushing the new immigration reform bill are a new thing in American politics. There is a word for what they are attempting, and it is a word never before appropriate for use to describe a whole group of American leaders; until now. Before now, it was a word used for individuals who spied for a foreign country, or who traded state secrets for money, or who, like the arch-traitor of all American history, Benedict Arnold, conspired with the enemy for the overthrow of his own country. That word is "treason," and it now applies to many of our leaders, from President Bush to the Kennedys and McCains that comprise too much of America's Congress.

Like a bad assortment of self-serving Essaus, these men are attempting to sell their nation's heritage, and its future, for their own self-defined bowls of porridge.

They have thrown together a 300-plus page bill of outrageous perfidy, a bill whose end would lead to the cultural redefinition of the nation, probably forever. They then have had the effrontery to tell the nation they are selling down the river a pack of lies about what they are doing. Americans overwhelmingly want our border with Mexico sealed; they want the end of illegal immigration; and they want the illegal immigrants to return to their home countries.

What do our treasonous leaders say to what most Americans have long maintained that they want? Believe it or not, it is this:

"Americans have long cried out for immigration reform. The system is broken and the American people have made it clear that they want us to fix it. To that end, we have come up with a true, bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill."

Considering the nature of this Bill, what they are doing is tantamount to the head of a family hearing his family members complaining about the endless burglaries and home invasions that have been plaguing their home. They want him to fix the problem. He answers by turning off the burglar alarms while pointing out that the alarm-system does not work. He then announces that the burglars in the house can have their status as burglars made legal, and then they are free to stay. Even worse, he then tells his family that the burglars will have equal voice in the running of the household, and that the wealth of his family will be used to help the burglars live in the house. Yes, he has heard his family's cries for help, and he has given them the solution. He has sided with the burglars against his own family, and he has moved to give the future to the burglars, at the expense of his own family.

This is what our Presidente is set on doing to America. This is what those politicians we elected to represent us plan to do to us. Our political class had, at least, one sworn duty to perform: to preserve and protect the United States of America and the liberties of its people: to hand down to succeeding generations what had been preserved and handed down to them. Instead, and this is why I say the word to best describe our current crop of mis-leaders is "treason," they have taken that cultural baton which has been passed down from generation to generation, looked in the eyes of their own generation, and, through them, into the eyes of all succeeding generations, and smashed that baton on the ground. And they have done it for a bowl of porridge. One thing we cannot allow, which is the view that they have moved to betray the heritage and the future of their nation "for good motives." So-called 'good motives" do not cover the crime of patricide, nor the betrayal of abusing your own in order to supposedly help others.

Treason is the word that describes their cynical betrayal of this nation, it's rule of law, its heritage, and its progeny- our progeny. And they do it without shame. They betray us with effrontery, with the President offensively denouncing those who oppose this betrayal as people who do not wish what is good for their country. Treason is always thus: it puts on a bold face, for it dares not attempt it's ends with half-measures lest they miss the prize.

This is the central truth in this whole matter, and it is a truth that every American had better honestly face: those sworn to protect us are in the process of betraying us.

From this central truth, certain conclusions cannot be avoided. The first of these is this: That our beloved Representative form of government is very close to being no more. What do I mean by this? I mean that we now have more the form and appearance of being represented by these mis-leaders than we have any substance or reality of representation. The will of the people is routinely ignored by a governing class which is disconnected from the governed class. America has been brought to this point by several decades worth of active malfeasance by the current crop of leaders in each of our 3 branches of government. For decades now, more than half the judges on our Supreme Court have ignored the rule of law established by our Constitution, and in its place have enacted their own wills and judgments as the law of the land. As for those populating our Representative and Executive branches, they too have just as often seen fit to ignore the will of those they were elected to represent, and what they are attempting in this Benedict Arnold Bill is just the most egregious example of this betrayal of their sworn duty to represent the will of the people.

The second conclusion is this: we are approaching a point where we must ask ourselves which is worse - to risk losing one's Representative form of government, or to risk losing one's nation, it's culture and character, it's heritage, and it's future? Governments, however well-founded (and ours was excellently founded [which makes the betrayal of men like Bush and Kennedy and the rest all the more heinous]) can be replaced, but once a nation's character is lost, it is lost forever. The substantial loss of our Representative form of government is a growing reality noticed by a continually growing number of Americans. It is merely a matter of time before those with the power to save their country, those with the authority to wield military power, will notice the same sad development, and only a matter of time before they act to save their country.

Our current mis-leaders have brought America to the point where government of the people, by the people, and for the people might well perish, and perish because of their abandonment of America's founding principles.

Ralph Filicchia

Simply put--the President of the United States should be tried for treason! If the Democratic Party was not as polluted as the Republican Party this would have already been done.

Joe M

Monica, you are so right. The Amnesty bill encourages all the wrong behaviors and discourages all the right ones. And Congress, in its' infinite wisdom, is planning on reviving the bill this coming week. Are they nuts?



michell fender

I couldn't agree more. This bill seems to have been a waste of time. Maybe it was passed just to make voters feel good about the fact that there has been no real change.

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