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April 07, 2007




When you discuss Nancy Pelosi today, I hope that you will mention that some believe her unauthorized trip to Syria was "A FELONY" under the 1798 Logan Act.

Under that law, it is a felony punishable with a prison sentence of up to 3 years FOR ANY AMERICAN, "without authority of the United States," to communicate with a foreign government in an effort to influence that government's behavior on any "disputes or controversies with the United States."

Will she be prosecuted? My speculation is she will get off completely. If she is prosecuted, it will result in a "slap on the wrist" similar to the punishment that former Clinton Advisor SANDY BURGLER got for stealing classified documents out of the National Archives.

IF ONLY Rebpublicans had the backbone to make an example out of Nancy Pelosi's bad behavior, perhaps this country's slide toward anarchy could be slowed.


Monica, whether your ignorance is willfull or not is a rhetorical question, the answer wouldn't matter to you anyway-you have ZERO respect for the TRUTH. It may be a concept beyond your comprehension.
FACT. House Speaker Newt Gingrich traveled to Bosnia amid widespread Republican opposition to Clinton administration policy there. I didn't hear any of you repukes whining about treason then. FACT. Nancy Pelosi was briefed by the State Dept. before the trip, and the Democratic contingent was acompanied by a nearly equal number of Republican representatives.

Now here is a traitor for you-


clownservatives make me laugh.....guess they have a tiny fraction of redeeming value after all.

A Catholic Who Knows

I can almost see the frothing at the mouth of GMAN. These S-I-C-K liberals can't seem to discuss anything without attacking and insulting their political opponents!!!!

(how do you like insults, GMAN?) Do you like being called S-I-C-K? Then why don't you stop calling republicans childish names, like "repukes", or "clownservatives"


Despite public statements to the contrary, we citizens have no way of knowing for sure if the Pelosi and the Gingrich trips were PRIVATELY AUTHORIZED. And we have no way of objectively knowing the real results of both trips.

Of course GMAN may have been privatley briefed by the Clintons about the Gingrich trip. We have no way of being sure of that either :-)

Lee Anthony Nieves

Pelosi thinks she is president. She thinks being Speaker gives her the authority to speak on behalf of the US. She thinks because the Democrats won in November, that the American people want her to undermine the president. She is, in the end, wrong and all wet. Pelosi is like all Democrats, they think all one must do is talk and talk and talk and all will be fine. Hitler talked a lot to Chamberlain and got him to sign a peace treaty. This just goes to show that liberal Democrats will sell out America for just about anything in order to not go to war to fight for freedom. Liberal Democrats will never understand that to preseve freedom, one must be prepared to defend it with a strong military, not with a strong ACLU.

David Basch

The reformist Muslim lady shows no signs that she can influence Muslims, only credulous Americans, especially liberals. I will be more impressed if she showed she can bring Muslims along with her views. The way it is, she can only lull us into not facing the fact that Islam is bad and shows signs of making great inroads into the West, which she will in no wise alter. The Nazis needed to be defeated before they changed their minds. The Islamo Nazis are the same and they are 100,000 times more numrous than your reformer.
Keep alert Monica. You are terrific!

Tom TB

As an eternal optimist, I hope Irshad Manji can help bring her faith into the modern age, where one doesn't get death sentences for expressing dissenting views.
Happy Easter!

Bob from San Luis

Monica: I listened to a little of your "show" on Saturday; I think GMan is onto something. While I like to try and be respectful by not calling names or being rude, Ms. Crowley, you do seem to be uninformed. The Republican delegation that was in Syria the day before Speaker Pelosi visited was not mentioned by the White House at all; how come? The petty attacks on Speaker Pelosi for showing respect by wearing a scarf is very ironic given how there are pictures out there showing Laura Bush, Karen Hughes and Condi Rice all wearing scarfs while visiting foreign countries. Why the double standard? You tirade against Speaker Pelosi was diminished further by your attack on former President Jimmy Carter. The vitriol exhibited was amusing, simply because of the juvenile nature of the attack. Is hate really a Republican value? One last thing I noticed about your "show"; it is ironic that President Clinton was attacked so much because of the "attention" he was given by another Monica- the irony here to me is that the way you praise President Bush you almost sound as if you are down on your knees in front of him. Too bad that's not the case, the poor guy could probably benefit greatly from a little "stress" relief.


Let's face it. Someone has to go in there and kill Al Sadr.
I recommend Monica for the job

and I don't mean Lewinsky.

Tom TB

"Is hate really a Republican Virtue", I answer emphatically NO! The Democrats have the corner on the vitriol market, and one only needs to surf the internet to see it.


BOB FROM SAN LUIS's praise of former President Jimmy Carter is the most amusing post in this series. BOB is either too young to remember the disasterous Carter addministration, or, he had better get an Alzheimer check up.

It was President Carter's withdrawal of support for the Shah of Iran that ushered in the return of the exciled Allatoyah Komaniac from France to Iran. With Komaniac's return, the current Islamic Republlic of Iran was established. One of their first hostile acts was to invade the U.S. Embassey in Tehran (illegal under international law) and take hostages. Those hostages were held for 444 days and often tortured. Carter arranged a feeble rescue attempt that ended in failure. It was the strong Rhetoric during the 1980 election campaign of candidate Ronald Reagen that ultimately scared the new Islamic Republic into freeing the U.S. hostages on the day Reagan was sworn in as President. BUT TEHRAN HAS NEVER PAID A PRICE TO THEIR HOSTAGE TAKING TO THIS DAY. YES - I WOULD SAY that we can thank former President Carter's weak administration and poor judgement for ushering in the beginnings of what we know today as "The War on Islamo-Fascist Imperialism"!

Also, it was President Carter's failed economic policy that gave us run away inflation and interest rates during the late 1970's [15% annual inflation and ultimately 21% Prime interest rates] under the Carter appointed incompetant FED Chairman, G William Miller.

Also, Carter proposed three Energy Programs, but failed to promate them adequately enough to get passage. As a result, we are yet to get off our addiction to middle east oil we buy from the middle east.

Under Carter's administration lead by Senator Church, our military and intelligence services were deballed, blinded, and handcuffed with impossible rules of engagement and the FISA Act. They were also starved for funds. This certainly pleased the self loathing America haters we have amongst us that have evolved into today's LIBS.

And now in retirement, this skunk has never met a dictator in the world he hasn't cozied up to. For this he gets a Nobel Peace Prize from Socialist European counties envious of the success of U.S. capitalism.

And BOB FROM SAN LUIS looks up to this guy?

Tom TB

Good post Pete! The thing I find odd about the Liberal-Leftist-Progressives or whatever they refer to themselves currently, is their disdain for Christianity when a Republican carries a Bible, but not a word of reproach when Carter or Clinton carries the same book.


I too am upset about the Pelosi trip to Syria however, I recently read that her trip followed the trip of Republican representatives. Is this correct and if so, would the same treatment/disdain apply?


I have been hearing quite a bit about Irshad Manji of late and she seems to be a very impressive individual. As another optimist myself Tom, I share your views and hope everyone can at least listen to her dissenting views.

Also, after taking a look at the website for Manji's documentary, and the entire PBS series America at a Crossroads, it looks to be a must watch.


TOM TB: Wasn't it Karl Marx who said "Without religion, everything is possible". And so pre-World War II NAZI Germany under Hitler and the communist Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin replaced worship of religion with worship of THE STATE. Appeasement reigned during the period leading to WW2. Nobody wanted to hear Winston Churchill's warnings of the these two rising tyrants. Britain's Neville Chaimberland met with Hitler and brought back a peace agreement no worth the paper it was written on. Stalin signed a Non-Agression Pact with Hitler. And what was the outcome of all this appeasement? The result was we now have the memory of the six million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians, a huge number of homosexuals and gypsies, and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated with the German and Russia peoples looking the other way!

Fast forward to current days where G W Bush, as imperfect as he is, learns from history and takes the offensive in reaction to the 9-11 attack on NYC and Washington.

But LIB bitterness over the 2000 election and the Clinton impeachment has motivated the LIBS to undermine Bush's effort in behalf of the entire country at every turn and turn him into a failed President at the cost of endangering all of us! There's Nancy Pelosi appeasing the Syrian tyrant in effect saying "wait out the Bush Presidency, and WE LIBS will see to it that Syria gets a better ultimate deal with Israel." I doubt if that was the message Israel intended to have Pilosi give to Syria!

And there's the LIBS in congress undermining our troops by making loud noises about cutting off funds to our troups in harm's way, or, a enacting new "slow bleed policy" designed to weaken our troops by not giving them the training and equipment necessary for full readiness - all to further undermine this President!

And the latest congressional insanity is the ban the use of the terms "War on Terror" and "War on Islamo-fascists" from the budget - LIKE THAT WILL MAKE THE WAR GO AWAY, or, THERE IS NO WAR and NEVER WAS A WAR-It's all Bush's creation - HA!

And then we have the LIBS biased mainstream media that has disgarded journalistic standards and openly now coordinates with the LIBS in congress to undermine this presidency and the war effort.

Rational people in a time of war would not behave as the LIB SKUNCKS behave because our survival as a nation depends on defeating the Islamo-fascist Imperialists. So what motivates these SKUNCKS? I say it's the after effects of taking drugs and smoking pot that chemically changed their brains and caused them to beocome INCURABLY MENTALLY ILL!

To quote the famous retired radio host, Bob Grant

The insanity is not only confined to the USA. It's happening in Britain and on mainland Europe. Some high schools in Britain have banned teaching about "THE HOLOCAUST" because they fear it would hurt the fEEEEELings of muslim students. So much for the old proverb "if you don't study history, your are doomed to repeat it".

And so there it is TOM TB. No Democrat, no place, no how, WILL EVER get my vote again as long as I live!


The only holocaust that threatens our freedom and safety is George Bush's holocaust. He is personally responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi men women and children and over twenty five thousand American casualties.
Anyone who voted for him and those in Congress who support him are also culpable.
9/11 was a toe-stub compared to the horrors that man has initiated.
If we don't impeach him, as well as his "Goering", Dick Cheney, we fail as Americans and deny our heritage.


There is a little Hitler in everybody, and a little more in some.



JOL: Your post shows a misunderstanding of what a "Holocaust" is [assuming you intended to be serious, which is doubtful].

A "Holocaust" is 6 MILLION Jews, 20 MILLION Russians, 10 MILLION Christians, a huge number of homosexuals and gypsies, and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated with the German and Russia peoples looking the other way!



Irshad Manji is a very good high-energy henna-haired self-promoter,sympathetic, even gutsy, and probably means well. If she's a hot lesbian, doesn't matter to me, even though it would help explain what fuels her drive to reform Islam. As a transplant at age 4 to the Free World from the muslim world, she clearly has nice romantic ideas about reforming Islam, which begs the question: Can Islam be reformed? (By the way, have you ever interviewed anyone who can talk faster, even about jihad and ijtihad? The gal is a transplant, no doubt.) Apparently her solution to the West's problem with Islam is (1) beg the question of reforming Islam and then we should pay them to try to reform (2) Arab muslims are out-breeding the West so let them pour into the West or you'll have trouble (never mind France's near civil war.) (3) Support the Islamic baby boom via immigration, jobs and welfare (like France)---or you'll have trouble (not like France.)

Monica, kudos on expanding the conversation, but a gringo suggestion: even with bold new voices promising a solution, Caveat Emptor.

For a very intelligent and detailed critique of Irshad Manji:


Bob from San Luis

Pete: I'm fifty four, I voted for Carter, both times he was up for election for President. He did remove funding to the Shah of Iran because as a Christian, President Carter was troubled by the human rights violations that were taking place under the Shah's leadership in Iran. Please remember that the Shah was installed after we (the U.S. Government) helped overthrow the leadership of Iran in 1953. President Carter's biggest mistake was to believe that the Allatoyah (being a religious leader) was going to be peaceful leader. The Iranians had had too many years of repression under the Shah to let go of their seething anger, and when coupled with the belief that our government had a hand in keeping the Shah in power, our embassy was an unfortunate target. President Carter's various missteps as our executive branch leader were allowed to happen in most cases by design by those who wanted him to fail. I say most cases because Jimmy Carter was to blame for a few of the missteps himself by choosing incompetent people to lead some of his programs and implement some of his policies. The FISA Court was one of his best programs, as it was designed to try and keep as much of our Constitution protected as possible. Somehow I believe that Thomas Jefferson would have approved of the FISA Act, more so than the current Presidents moves to negate it. If you don't even want to go before a judge in a "secret court" (up to 72 hours after you start your surveillance) what the hell are you hiding? Spying on Democrats? As for the "botched" rescue attempt of the hostages, please remember that the CIA had a very big hand in planning that rescue, providing intelligence and keeping an eye on the weather conditions. And who had a free range inside the CIA at that time? George H.W. Bush, who had aspirations of becoming President. The timing of the release of the hostages was a mere coincidence? Pluuease- You do remember Iran-Contra, don't you? That was the CIA, again, running drugs, illegally, selling them and using the money to fund the South America Contras, and providing promised weapons to Iran, in exchange for release of the hostages, only if they were held until the minute that Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President. So, do I look up to Jimmy Carter? You bet. Mainly because of the work he has done since he left the White House. Has the treaty between Egypt and Israel ever been broken? That's the one that Jimmy Carter led to completion, the one he got a much deserved Nobel Peace Prize for. I wonder when President Bush will get a Peace Prize? How about NEVER!

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