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April 16, 2007



Monica, I agree completely. Reminds me of the recent elections, when Joe Lieberman's buddies, Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Hillary, and many other Dems abandoned him. Joe landed on his feet, and won the election without their support. Don Imus will also land on his feet. He has many supporters who understand the true nature of this dilemma. "Good" always prevails over "Evil".

Charlie on the PA Turnpike

I am truly sad about one defector, in particular.

As a 12 year daily listener of Imus, and a fan overall for 30 years, I've heard him speaking of one person as a friend -- outside of his inner circle (i.e.: Charles McCord, Bernie McGirk or Lou Rufino, etc.) That man was praised by Don Imus as being the only person he'd trust with the care of his son, Wyatt.

That man could have come forward in the early days of the dispute, and simply said 'I don't agree with what he said, but Don Imus remains my friend.' He could have waited until the storm really intensified. But he didn't.

The closest we get to a public statement from Don Imus' friend is an expression of sadness for he and his wife.

That's it?

The man I am describing is Tim Russert, Washington Bureau chief and host of NBC's Meet The Press. This is the man Imus would have trusted with his child. One has to wonder what Imus thinks of his 'friend' now.


Perhaps the old folk song "NOBODY KNOWS YOU, WHEN YOU'RE DOWN AND OUT" as sung by the great Josh White applies. One can sure tell real friends from fake friends during times of adversity.

HOWEVER, the lynching of Don Imus as led by the twin shakedown skuncks, Sharpton and Jackson, WAS NOT ABOUT IMUS. After a time delay from when the actual remarks were aired, I'm convinced that these two street thugs were sent out by the Left to make the Imas remarks a national issue. It was only then that the Rutgers basketball team heard the insult. Had it not been for Jackson-Sharpton, they and most other Americans never would have heard the insult.

THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE LEFT's FULL COURT PRESS to restore the so-called "FAIRNESS DOCTRINE RULE" over the airways so as to kill off talk radio free speech and thus restore the LEFT'S MONOPOLY over the airways so that only their propaganda is heard by the public.

Out of curiosity, I turned on MSNBC during Imus's old time slot. There was NBC reporter David Gregory taking phone calls about Imus's firing. I heard this angry caller [probably a plant by the Soros funded supposedly independant Media Watch organization] calling for the dismissal for spouting "hate speech" of Limbaugh, Hannedy, and all the conservative talk hosts. Of course "the term "Hate Speech" means anyone whose spouts ideas different from his liberal party line.

On another station, I heard Representative Dennis [the menice] Kuscinich calling for the FCC re-institution of "The Fairness Doctrine" rule.



MOREOVER, if our collective American skins are so thin as to be devistated by Imus's remark, WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE. Those 7th Century retrograde Islamo-fascist imperialist savages are tough people bent on destroying our way of life in the Western World. We had better toughen up fast because they are not going away. And those Chinese are tough too. You don't think they are building up their military 24/7 for fund, do you?


1.) During the Vietnam War, what as the name of the leader of North Viet Namn?

2.) During the Viet Namn War, the name of the capital city of South Viet Namn was "Saigon". By what name is that city now known?

3.) What three words does Santa Claus utter before saying "MERRy CHRISTmas"?

4.) When working in the garden moving soil around, what is the name of the garden tool with the long handle and the flat blade used to move the soil?


Duncan Hopkins

The shaft that Imus got from the Left was completely undeserved, particularly when you consider that the two Grand Inquisitors, Jesse "Love Child" Jackson and Al "Tawana" Sharpton have been consistently silent as the Hip Hop sub-'culture' cannabalizes the urban black youth of America.

The fact remains, however, that when one lies down with dogs, one shouldn't be surprised to get fleas.

Don Imus made a decision, based upon self (ego) to place himself in a position where he later got hurt; that is, he chose to become a Beautiful Person and hobnob with the Manhattan glitterati (nearly all of the limousine liberal variety). He tried to ingratiate himself with the Beautiful People by lending the forum of his former radio/TV show to an entire horde of Manhattanite politician, writers, and media types like Tim Russert.

Dear Don, the lefties only care about "The Movement" (whatever the hell THAT is) and you were (always) expendable.

You will feel better after you have gotten rid of the fleas.

And then, come back swinging!



The essential problem the Mainstream Mediacrities had with Don Imus--while sucking up his influential air for their books, ratings, campaigns and egos---is that although he was a liberal, he was not a politically correct liberal. I.e. he would call VP Dick Cheney "pork chop" and a "war criminal," (you go, Don) but he would also call Mrs. Slick Willy "Satan" (not good, Don) and was going to keep after "Satan" into her 2008 grab for the White House (OMG, Don! That's a no-no!))

NBC? Who cares? Who doesn't know what they are? (Even rap and hip-hop knows.) As for CBS, I didn't think they could get any more dishonorable than what they revealed long ago during the fall of Saigon. Now, after their panic dumping of an icon, I have to reconsider. The French saying is, 'La plus ca change, la plus ca reste le meme chose.' We can translate that as, "The more CBS changes, the more it remains the shame."


What's the ruckus about being fired? People are fired all the time. It's the CBS company perogative. I have been self-employed for 30 of my 32 years as a working adult -- reason? I know I'd be fired for what I have to say about lunacy in the workplace that stifles creativity. Maybe Don should simply go "self-employed." I fired Don after a total of 30 minutes of forced listening to a carpenter's radio on aconstruction site back in the '80's. He offended me deeply and I simply chose to never listen to him again. CBS has the same right -- I am all for free speech but also the "free marketplace." JMP

John Landry

I have kept track of statements... or the lack of any comments to support Mr. Imus from the top fifty guest on the show... I'm glad to see your support for him. It made me sick to watch last week how many people just left him... How scared they really are...

Joshua Soloman

Well done Monica. I often listen to Imus during my morning commute to NYC. His interviews are among the best in any media. Even some of his skits are funny (mocking Ted Kennedy, Clinton, Mayor Nagen, etc.). When I found some topics to be boring, crude or silly, I'd just channel surf to Curtis & Kuby, CBS News, NPR, Bloomberg or ever WOR's talk show. I didn't always agree with Imus' politics or humor, but I either appreciated the perspective or change the channel. I no longer have that choice because of forces at work in our culture ranging from the exploiters to the cowards to the ignorant. What Imus said...Eddie Murphy basically said on Saturday Night Live over 20 years ago. Raps artists earn awards for songs with even stronger, more offensive language. After Imus was fired and discussion began to shift to going after the rappers, Snoop Dog was quoted that he can still say what Imus got in trouble saying. Well, although Oprah had a feel-good community session with black leaders including Sharpton, its been about a week since Snoop Dog's comment. Where is the outrage? Where is the demand for a firing? You won't see it. Although I am encouraged at seeing more black leaders visibly taking a public stance against hate mongers in the rap community (on Oprah, on Hannity & Combs, etc.), we still have a way to go because as the distinguished (black) radio personality guest (apologies, didn't catch his name) on Hanity and Combs said: "...we keep avoiding the problem of being consistent...". Imus got in trouble because he was white, compounded further because he was 66 years old and a former Marine. I admit to becoming desensitized to his crude actions as a regular listener, but upon reflection think it was careless bad humor. I don't like where our culture has evolved in terms of accepted crudeness. I applaud higher standards, but I expect consistency, otherwise the new racists have taken over. The "innocent" white lacrosse players at Duke are facing a life altering impact from their experience. The Rutgers girls were offended, but since when did Americans have a Constitutional right to not being offended (plus what ever happen to the life-skill of 'sticks & stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me'?). Rather than be damaged for life, the Rutgers girls are now among the most famous runner up teams in NCAA history. In addition, they each have an opportunity to go down in Civil Rights history as ambassadors for how to maturely deal with situations like this. They and their coach are off to a great start. Hopefully they will bring about a rising tide that will lift all boats.

carrie elkin

You are a woman of substance and conviction, Monica. You're loyalty will not go unnoticed...the IMAN knows who his friends are/aren't. He's fortunate to have you in his camp. Looking forward to having IMUS and the gang back on the airwaves!!

Mary Lynn

God Bless Monica Crowley! One of handful of well-known people that has the GUTS to just tell the truth. Monica, you put these wimpy, "political leaders" to shame.
Why don't YOU run for President?

Darcey Morris

Thank you Monica, I could have not summed it up better! I want the people to know that there is a hugh support for Imus going on right now, We want our Imus back! I write blogs everyday defending Imus, and I am not alone, I hope Imus knows that he is greatly missed, We need him back to ask the tough questions, there is no one that can replace him.I want people to that Imus is not a racist, but a good and decent person that has made the world a better place.

Kathy Murfreesboro, TN

Hi Monica,

You are a decent, fair person with a lot of loyalty and that is hard to find these days. I appreciate your kind words regarding Don Imus! He is a wonderful man with a heart of gold and they crucified him and left him for dead. It's shameless how he was treated and I try to find a place online to write something as often as I can. I miss the Iman so much and hope that he can return somewhere---stronger and better than ever. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and loyalty.


I love Imus in the Morning!! I don't want special interest groups, deciding what I get to watch and listen too.

Thanks for the Imus Site, Monica and a Peaceful, Safe Memorial Day to you and yours.


Thank you Monica for standing by our man. It reminds me of a quote...

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. " - Martin Luther King Jr.

It's so sad especially Tim Russert. The Iman really loved him and would have stood by him no matter what and to think he is the only person on earth he would trust with his son.

Did you know Imus was thinking about going to Bagdad with Brian Williams? You know he would have went because that's how patriotic he is. He really is a good humanitarian too.

Thank you again!


Thank you, Monica, for being one of the few public persons with the guts and loyalty to stand up for Mr. Imus at a time when it was expedient to do otherwise. I fully believe this goes much deeper than the comment made (actually I think even Sharpton and Jackson were used) and is an attempt to shut down any opposing political voice as the 2008 election is approaching.

Again, you have my admiration.


Monica, you have my deepest respect and admiration. Thank you for being one of the few positives that has emerged from this extremely ugly situation.


Thank you for being a loyal friend to Don Imus. I just heard about your blog. Hopefully more people will be writing to you. I used to worry about how I would manage in the mornings without Imus when he, (God forbid)..... died. (per the Cardinal...'it's Imus in the gound we want the most'' Lord hear our prayer....)
But, who knew it would come to this????? Unbelievable.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm starting to have hope.


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