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April 26, 2007



I've watched this scenario since I was a teenager with two brothers in Vietnam. They were kids, not much older than myself when young Senator Ted Kennedy constantly encouraged the enemy with his bellicose rhetoric about American immorality and withdrawing from a fight already invested with tens of thousands of lives. Young men died on both sides as a war dragged on because of comfort given by American politician Kennedy to an enemy of his own brother's choosing. Strange but true. He's still there among the privileged 100 of the Senate fighting with his mouth, and along with Harry Reid pays respect to brave young men and women of uniform through offering encouragement to an enemy vowing to kill them, and extreemly interested in bring the fight to our land.

What they are saying and doing is mind blowing to those of us with boys and girls in the fight. Resolve is not something missing with young men and women in uniform. The club of 100 and of 535 on Capitol Hill owe them to keep their mouths shut in public forum. Dissent is welcome in America, but propriety and dignified leadership is a must when American lives are at stake. My older brother's son is on his second tour in Iraq. Iraq war right or wrong, two of his friends died this week and he is hurting for them, their families, and just plain down.

Thanks for encouraging the aiming of more rifles at my nephew's head Mr. Senator. I'm sure he is encouraged by your leadership as he goes on patrol tonight. JMP

Tom TB

The Hero in the Senate was Joe Lieberman, everyone should read his speech.


Something seems to have changed drastically from when President Bush stood confidently on the rubble of the World Trade Center and yelled through a bull horn that we will bring terrorists and the countries that finance them to justice. I think the inflexion point was when we had Osama bin Laden trapped in Bora Bora, but we suddenly substituted Afghan soldier to do the dirty work and so we let Osama slip away for some unknown illogical reason.

Things seemed to rebound when General Tommy Franks led the blitz into Baghdad, we killed Saddam's sons, and ultimately captured Saddam.

But then we got off course again when we surrounded Sadar City, allowed radical cleric Al Sadr to escape and grow his "insurgent movement".

Then came the Abu Grave Prison disclosures that really put us on the defensive. The guilty were prosecuted, but the prosecutions continued. Soldiers doing their job were jailed and prosecuted for "NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT based on unsubstantiated claims of locals taken as fact. It's as if we're fighting with handcuffs ["the RULES OF ENGAgemenT"} afraid to offend everyone. THIS IS NO WAY TO FIGHT A WAR!! This is why I believe we the all powerful USA has been unable to win in Iraq to date. And of course with time, increasing frustration, and an opposition party detemined to undercut our commander-in-chief to assure defeat that they believe will give the the 2008 election, we are at a point where it's looking like Viet Namn all over again.

BTW, Here's a link to a very informative article about our RULES OF ENGAGEMENT:

12/6/2005: Rules of Engagement: Can Our Troops Defend Themselves?

But we also have odd illogical behavior by the Bush Administration at home. During this time of GLOBAL WAR on ISLAMO-FACISTS who have vowed to destroy our way of life, and with the danger of Middle Eastern terrorists attempting to sneak into the USA to do us harm, how does it make sense to:

1.) Promote amnesty of the 30 million ILLEGAL ALIENS who have snuck into our country?

2.) Open our Southern border to MEXICAN TRUCKERS?

3.) Not to kick out of the USA that one-third of our jail population that are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

4.) Not to deny health and welfare benefits to ILLGAL ALIENS and their offspring.

5.) Not to rescind the law that grants automatic citizenship to offspring of ILLEGAL ALIENTS BORN ON USA SOIL.

6.) Not ot round up and kick out Imams preeching hate in Mosques on U.S. soil.

7.) Not to reinstitute the teaching of US. History and Patriotism in our schools.

8.) Not to identify and fire all the anti-American hate spewing professors in our colleges.

9.) Not to involve the American people at home in identifying suspiciously behaving characters.

10.) Not to encourage people to arm themselves and learn how to use their weapon, istead of disarm themselves to become more vulnerable to nuts like Cho and terorists who mean us harm.

And I could go on and on and on.

It's as if the politicians of both parties have a death wish for our great country during this time of emergency.



Another interesting article about our RULES OF ENGAGEMENT:

"How We Fight" by Colin H. Kahl - Nov/Dec 2006 Foreign Affairs


Quite frankly, I am appalled by the Democratic message that came out of the debate regarding the one area of consensus among the candidates, and that is that Iraq with Saddam Hussein in command was not a threat to the USA. How naive can anyone be? Most Senators say that they made a mistake to vote for the war, and of course Obama raves about voting against the war from the beginning. I think the dialogue between Brian Williams and Senator Gravel of Alaska sums it up best:

"Senator Gravel, same question: Other than Iraq, the three most important enemies to the United States?

GRAVEL: We have no important enemies. What we need to do is to begin to deal with the rest of the world as equals. And we don't do that.

We spend more as a nation on defense than all the rest of the world put together. Who are we afraid of?

GRAVEL: Who are you afraid of, Brian? I'm not. And Iraq has never been a threat to us. We invaded them. I mean, it is unbelievable. The military industrial complex not only controls our government, lock, stock and barrel, but they control our culture."

Such naivety worries me extremely. How quickly we forget? Wasn't it Saddam Hussein who attacked our Mid-East ally, Kuwait and after his defeat, proceeded to renege on every UN Resolution previously agreed to. These are the same Democrats who espouse building alliances with all the nations of the world, yet would stand by and watch them being swallowed up by a rogue country being led by a despot. Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey are all Mid-East allies, and was not Iraq with Saddam in power not a threat to the regional peace initiatives? How about the global economy which the Democrats profess to improve without a stable oil supply? Would any of the ambitious Democratic goals be realized with an unstable Mid-East. And lets not forget our major ally in the region, Israel. Are we to stand back and watch our Jewish friends be annihilated by an Iraq/Iran alliance, which would be a major result of pulling out of Iraq prematurely.

I get a kick out of Edwards naive suggestions to improving the world, by educating all the young people of third world countries. Hello! Does he not realize that by kicking out the Taliban in Aphganistan, we have reopened the door to schools so that the young people, especially the women are now able to study and read books in public, and also realize many other freedoms that were taken away by the Taliban? In Iraq, the schools and hospitals are now used for their intended purpose and not for hiding Iraqi troops and ammunition, etc.

Personally, I fear for our young people who will have to live with this dangerous world which would result from the Democratic sell out our great country. We as a country are in deep trouble if the American people don't wake up and begin to find the strength and resolve of our founders.


Wow ...... James, Tom TB, Pete, and NormPlatt ...

You fellows did such a good job on this topic, you leave me
with very little left to say, except DITTOS.

Could not agree more. What the heck happened to American Resolve?
And why is it people who remember what America is in its Heart of Hearts
are now made to feel like some eccentric war-mongering hawks? It seems
to me that the Old Fire in the Belly has simply gone to a dim ember for many
of our elected representatives. Is this not a pathetic mess, when gals like
Monica express more guts and sense than 99% of the girly-men who
populate the Democrat Party?

These Lefties are the same people who appear to think that the kind of
light bulb you use in your house is more important than eliminating the
true threat of Islamo-Fascism. They not only "OWN DEFEAT," but they
appear to own irrelevance, as well. Its like Yogi Berra was known to
quip, "You can observe a lot, by watching."


Very well said Pete, and to me any politicians who says that it is impossible to deport more than 20 million illegal aliens is not qualified to be president, nor is she/he cares about this country's citizens. Charity starts at home first. If a candidate thinks it is ok. for other people to come here and violate the law, it should be ok. for all of us to do the same. These illegals are criminals, they are criminals since the moment they enter the country. They are coming already pregnant, and once they have the babies become welfare recipients right away. This is an assault against this country's citizens with the permit of those in power. They have not asked us citizens if we agree to support people who come here to have babies, this is abuse against us, and this kind of politicians do not deserve any respect.
We have millions of this kind of people coming here, and if they get amnesty it is an open invitation for more to come. We are already invaded.



normplatt: It is a lot cheaper to educate them in their own countries than letting them come here to have babies, as president Bush wants, Giulliani, Hillary Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, and others.


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