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April 21, 2007



The article at the following link asserts that Hillary's sympathizers were behind the demise of the "IMAS IN THE MONRNING" PROGRAM. That would not be surprising!



Report at 5/2/2007 says "ONE BITE" IMUS LAWSUIT IMMINENT:

The language, according to this source, was part of a five-year contract that went into effect in 2006 and that paid Imus close to $10 million a year. It stipulates that Imus be given a warning before being fired for doing what he made a career out of - making off-color jokes. The source described it as a "dog has one- bite clause." A lawsuit could be filed within a month, this person predicted


Monica, I love that you have set this blog up for the I-man. Please let him know that his fans miss him and are working hard to get out the word about how his show and image have been horribly distorted by the MSM.


Dear Monica, truly appreciate your help in fighing a wrong & I agree with harleyquinn, please forward to Mr. Imus our feelings regarding his unfair firing & OUR loyalty to HIM, ratings down 50% at MSNBC, that stat is NOT lost on his listeners & viewers....As well at SupportImu.org is an online petition for the disenfranchised to sign, as well there is a great group of bloggers there & our daily commentary helps get us through the injustice caused by his NOTICEABLE & IRREPLACEABLE ABSENCE! BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS


sorry, it's SupportImus.org, NOT the IMU, the bird...I am wearing my keybroad out....BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS



Here is a Don Imus Support Group, all might be interested in and joining.



Monica, your Best of Imus was better than any of the live shows MSNBC has come up since they unfairly fired him. I wish you could continue these - I'd watch them.

You'll be interested to know that Don Imus has a slew of female fans and we've found eachother on Imustruth.com and many other places We're working tirelessly to get him back on the air where he belongs.

Boycotting NBC/CBS/Advertisers



Your the shiznitz, thanks for being real.


Monica, You have more guts in your pinky finger than all of the weasels that piled on Imus combined. Thank you for taking a stand. You've certainly gained my respect and a new fan. I still can't believe they pulled the plug during a radiothon for kids. That really pissed me off! How heartless is that?


Dave (guts) & Ree (shiznitz), you're right on. Especially now, when we I-stooges are soooo desperate for anything real (Fox News & Stag beer--after a while, it gets tolerable), Monica is the real deal. For you Monica newbies, check out her Nixon books from the 90's (ala DKGoodwin & LBJ, except RN wasn't chasing Monica around like Imus used to kid Doris about LBJ!).


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Bobbie Reinecker

I just found this site through www.supportimus.org
Thank you so much for giving the Imus fans another place to voice our fury over losing the I-Man. My mornings are ruined and it carries over to the rest of the day.
I am praying he comes back somewhere. At first, I wanted him back the way it was. Now, I don't want him anywhere near the nitwits on MSNBC. I hope he cleans up in his law suit and then finds another way to get back on the air.

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