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March 20, 2007


Tim D

paranoia me destroya!


The UN has relegated its original chartered mission to be a global peacemaker and controlling world force to what is now a "laughing stock" by disrespectful and barbaric leaders of some rogue nations. With IRAN, we are seeing a repeat of Saddam Hussein's failure to honor signed UN Resolutions, and what is the UN doing about it? Nothing! Unfortunately, the USA and a some other honorable countries are left to do the UN's work. Why? I'll tell you why. Because the people of civil nations do not want to give up this personal freedom that our forefathers espoused and fought for. We owe it to generations that will follow to be strong and always support "good" over "evil", otherwise, our children and our children's children will lose this freedom.


Only the windbags of Congress can hold a slightly brighter candle when it comes to actually doing anything, compared to the UN. I know few who respect the UN. If honorary "Wind Bag Master's Degrees" were given to organizations they would earn Summa Cum Laude.

Having said that, I am in favor of having the likes of Iran's munchkin leader put his lies on public record. Let them in to talk. Talk with them, just enough to be able to share the documented lies with the liberals when the weapons are discovered. JMP

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