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January 06, 2007



How does the MASSIVE support in the House for the first part of "SIX FOR '06" stack up with your predictable subversive attack on Speaker Pelosi, Monica?

1. ETHICS REFORM: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/politics/la-na-congress5jan05,1,6598844.story?coll=la-news-politics-national
"...Republicans joined Democrats in a 430-1 vote to support the new rules, with only Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) opposed..."

2 House Democrats pass 'pay-as-you-go' rule


"...The House voted Friday, its second day back under Democratic control, to block future tax cuts or benefit increases from being financed with dollars that swell the national debt..."

3 Lowering the Interest on Student loans
4 Embryonic Stem cell research funding
5 Lowering Prescription Drug Prices
6 911 Commission Recommendations

I dunno, Monica, if Conservatives had any principles left you would be in favor of these programs like 2 out of 3 Americans are, instead of taking weak partisan potshots.

If a Conservative Speaker had done these major items in the first four hours in power, you would be screaming how WONDERFUL a job they were doing.

Tsk, tsk.

Tom TB

Great show, Monica, I can't get the "I Love Lucy" theme music out of my head! By the way, where was Grandma Nancy's Desi at her coronation?


While I will agree that Pelosi and company richly deserve the invective you threw at them this morning, I do not understand for the life of me why anybody would support Repubs either. Both sides are absolutley corrupt and co-opted, and just because one side is garbage does not logically mean that the other side is great. This is what I mainly don't understand about talk radio, whether it's your show or Air America. BOTH PARTIES ARE SELLING THIS COUNTRY DOWN THE RIVER!!!


With pleasure gringoVision welcomes to the booming blogosphere an old fave: Monica Crowley. prima facie evidence that brains can be blond.

Carolyn Mack

I laughed listening to your radio program this weekend. You kepting harping on the Democrats because they're not being "bipartisan" enough for you. That's funny - I can't recall a single instance when Monica Crowley called for bipartisanship when Republicans controlled the House and Senate. Yet another example of the hypocrisy of the right in this country. It's why you lost in November.


Looks like this blog is hitting the stratosphere with activity.

I have never heard such an ill-informed propagandist so full of hate as Monica Crowley. I listen in sometimes just to hear what the very small portion of idiots out there are being told to think with no facts to back them up.

Fact is the Bush family is a criminal empire in the very true sense of the word.

Prescott Bush financed Hitler thru his position with Brown Brothers Harriman. This is fact, not opinion. He was even cited by Congress under the trading with the enemy act.

G.H.W Bush is complicit in so many international crimes it beggars belief, but you may be interested to know he was involved with Bill Clinton and Oliver North in massive amounts of cocaine smuggling in the 70's and 80's. Barry Seal, an admitted CIA drug smuggler who was assasinated in 1986 was about to go public about this. Lucky for Bush somehow Barry Seal ended up with his head blown off by a mac 10 just before he could tell all. This is just one of many crimes GHW is guilty of.

Neil Bush-Can you say Silverado Savings and Loans? What about the fact that he was supposed to have dinner with Scott Hinckley the night that Scott's brother John just happened to attemot to kill Reagan. That's right, the Hinkley's and the Bushes were friends and business partners. No conspiracy there though I'm sure. This is documented FACT which was reported in many mainstream newspapers in the days after the attempt on Reagans life.

GWB I actually believe is probably a nice guy one on one, and I feel bad for him more than anything else since he is being used by his masters to be the whipping boy for their failed and unbelieveably unpopular policies.

Monica, I understand you are doing your job, and you may believe in the vile invective you spew every week, but please get a clue as to real American history, and not the myth of American Innocence you spout off on.


Monica is an educator. She tells it like it is, and the proof of the pudding is that she does not edit out the abusive, opinionated posts from Liberal Democrats. This is not the case with Arianna Huffington's blog, where posts from the Right or dissenting arguments to her Ultra Liberal Democratic position get trashed. Monica is open to all discussion, and she recognizes the importance of supporting our President and our soldiers in the Global Community.


Monica is typical of the post newt gingrich republican mindset.They blithely and with complete impunity,take everything they themselves are most guilty of,and put it on the democrats.Its referred to in medical circles as "projection".These folks have a complete inability to take responsibility for their own actions,which given the conservatives "rugged individualist" stance is pretty hilarious.They have divided America in a way that will harm the country for decades to come,and yet still feel they are above criticism.They wallow in the most debased form of racist,bigoted hatred-yet whine like kittens when called on it.Liberals,hating bigotry,are the real bigots in Monica Land.
The sooner America recognizes these subnormals for what they are:the better.

Tom TB

Scott, you are the projector! How many Conservatives do you know well enough to speak for?


Boxer doesn't rate too highly in my book- and certainly Sec. Rice is an extremely talented and clear-thinking woman, and a woman of faith- but Boxer did put her statement in context not only of Condi but also herself. So, that helps level the playing field in my eyes. Not as belittling as it came across to many.

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