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December 31, 2006


Tom TB

Our military protected Saddam, ensured that he wasn't torn to bits by large segments of the populace who had every reason to do so. He was tried and convicted by his own Iraqi people, and they carried out the sentence, as they saw fit. I'm sure the people of the new Iraq can see that no one ultimately is above the law.

Tom TB

I neglected to add; there was a former US Attorney General that tried to intervene on Saddam's behalf.


In all the din and clamor and politicking, nobody mentions a book that puts a real face on the sharp-dressing, Moscow-trained, former Sunni street thief who was hung in Baghdad by Iraqis, (with a little help from Yanks). "I WAS SADDAM'S SON" is by and about Latif Yahia, scion of a wealthy Iraqi family. Because of his resemblance he was ordered---you may say 'chosen'---to become a double for Saddam's elder son Uday---this Uday a very privileged homicidal maniac in his own right. Latif Yahia's account is often horrifying, yet always compelling, fascinating, intelligent and powerfully detailed. Although media-managed world opinion now calls the U.S. "torturers," the NY Times running Abu Ghraib stories for more than 35 consecutive days on its front page, here is "torture," not as defined by U.S. activist lawyers and the "Pinch" Sulzberger hirelings, but as practiced under Soviet-tutored Saddam Hussein. In one of the book's countless episodes, Yahia, to "develop" him to become part of Uday's inner circle, is taken to headquarters of the al-Khass Intelligence Service. Here they show him dozens of torture videos done with their prisoners....

[gringoNote: This is from Dec.30 post TO HANG IN BAGHDAD. Some brief examples follow of the dozens of blood-curdling torture videos seen by Uday's "double."
Will the Sulzberger Times ever do a comparison of them with the Abu Ghraib "disclosures" it ran for over 35 consecutive days on its "Pinched" front page?]


I am certain there is a feeling of relief among Iraqi's that Sadaam can no longer come back into power to tyranize them. It is a pitiful legacy that so few people mourn the loss. Other dictators who treat people badly should take note. The entire situation in Iraq and the Middle East in general reinforces my love of freedom in the USA.


This is new Book from Latif Yahia at:


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