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December 31, 2006



Gerald Ford, another illuminati Stooge. Responsible for the main findings of the Warren Commision, and pardoned a criminal.

Regarding Watergate though, it is really not what people thought it was. In his excellent, thoroughly researched and documented Book "George Bush, the unauthorized Biography," Webster Tarpley convincingly argues that Watergate was a coup on the presidency itself, and that Bush was a main player behind the scenes. After all, Bill Liedtke was one of the main funnelers of money to the burglars. Liedtke was a close friend and associate of George HW Bush.

All the "burglars" were CIA operatives, including E Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis, two notorious CIA agents with their hands in many crimes.

I suggest anybody willing to accept the truth about these people read that book.

Ford may have been a nice guy personally, but as a President he was a dud, and as such did not deserve the total rewriting of history that occurred last week.

My condolences to his family though. Betty Ford I actually respect.

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