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November 08, 2006



So lame. So lame.


Gee Jol, you usually have so much more to say. Could you imagine that picture, but with George Allen standing there instead? You libs would be screaming bloody murder. But Harold Ford gets to use it to convince voters he's one of them? If the Confederate Flag is so wrong, shouldn't it be wrong for EVERYONE?


Many politicians shoot themselves in the foot by attempting some ill advised publicity stunt, (Dukakis and the tank comes to mind). I wouldn't take it much beyond that. Personally I think the guy has talent and intelligence and simply lost to a more savy, more experienced pol who knows his boundries. As I watched Ford I had the feeling that he wasn't quite ready for the National spotlight yet. But give him time. He needs a little more seasoning, that's all.
None of us knows how all of this will turn out, but the pendulum has swung and we'll see what the Dems have to offer. They may surprise you, and me.

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