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November 06, 2006



You are kidding, AREN'T YOU?
Check the results kiddo. Doncha kinda get the feelin' you missed somethin?
Back to kindergarten.
"The lesson plan for today is. . . "


Morris usually gives an astute analysis of events in Washington but his predictions are horrendous and most of the time are 100% off the mark. In fact when I want to know how something is going to turn out, I listen to Morris's prediction and assume the opposite. In that sense he is a good bellwether.
As soon as he made that prediction a cheer went up in our household. We knew it had to be a shoe in.

As far as Kerry's remarks go, it's just John being John. Except for a few Republican spinsters, it had little effect on anybody, and no effect on the election. The Republicans seized on it in one last desperate attempt to pull the election out, but as we now know, it was an exercise in futility.


Dear memo:

You might want to take this down. It's over. We are picking out offices, measuring drapes and dancing in the endzone. Soon will be hearings, subpoenas and if there is a God.....IMPEACHMENT.


George Bush is a likable guy—the kind of guy who would invite you to his barbeque if you happened to be walking by—the kind of guy you would like as your best man.
Unfortunately, there is a shadow side of that likable guy and that shadow side seems to be almost entirely independent of the likable guy.
Watch out for him when he is sure he is losing and his ego gets severely disturbed.
Be prepared for something excessive—good or evil.

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