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November 05, 2006


Marshall   J. Shaul  Jr.

Monica just wanted you to know that you bring a whole different dementation
to pollical talk shows. Thank you for your show. Monica I am ashamed of my fellow Republicans. On Tuesday I voted for the soldiers. I feel alot of Americans
have for gotten our have no Idea how inportant their job is in Irak. As you know dems vote with emotion, I believe some Rep. voted with their emotions.
Monica keep up the great work. Ret. FF Marshall Shaul Jr.


I listened to your: "On Demand" diatribe on "talking".
For someone so down on it, you sure do a lot of it.

Your artificially constructed enunciation sets you off in caricature—especially when you talk to someone as down to earth and courageous as Captain Washington.

Stick with Imus. He's a joke. You're a joke. You're more at home there.


The podcast page hasn't been updated in over 6 weeks. What gives? Why don't you just remove it if you aren't going to update it?

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