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November 05, 2006


Tony Fernandez

All I have to say about Saddam Hussein's execution is:

GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH. That is one less sub-human monster in this world to deal with.

God bless the families of all the loved ones he killed during his reign of terror.


Who's the real "monster" of Iraq, Saddam Hussein or the Bush crime family. A simple google search will show that Hussein was put into power by the biggest terrorist organization on the face of the earth, the CIA. He was trained by the CIA as a hit man. And when he "earned his bones" he was eventually put in to power. Just Like Noriega Hussein is a "monster" of the US government's creation. When they no longer serve our purpose like Hussein they are executed. When they cut in too deeply in the drug profits of the CIA they are jailed.

And who benefits from an extended war in Iraq? Why the greedy war-profiteering corporations like Haliburton. Israel benefits because they get us to "take-out" one of their enemies. The entire Bush regime has been infested with dual-citizen Zionist spies and sympathizers for Israel, Fifhe, scooter "Libby" liebowitz, Richard Pearle, and Wolfowitz.

Who is behind all of the "suicide bombing" in Iraq? Do you mean to tell me that radical Jihadhists are going to blow up their own Mosques and kill each other because they are against our occupation. Over one million Iraqis have died since our latest invasion. There are also over two million refugees. How on God's green earth is Iraq better off since our invasion? Who is killing most of these innocent civilians in Iraq? It is the CIA, Mossad, and British MI-6. Read this article and tell me differently.


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