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September 01, 2006



Monica misleads as usual, telling people that our government is forced to go through diplomacy before we can take military action against Iran.

But let's keep it real people, the US government and this administration has not interest whatsoever in any real decent diplomacy with a country that it does not approve of -

and the reaction by the Iranians is the same as the reaction by Saddam Hussein:

which is, if the US can't come to the table on equal terms and treat them with respect, then they will not cooperate.

The US has to have it on their own arrogant, condescending terms and MOST other countries will have none of it.



Christians, we must get our faces out of the cross and look deeper. We must look again at Stonehenge. It is the collective reservoir of human sorrow for the human race.

We must recognize it in prayer and give it the appreciation that befits it.

Otherwise, we will nuke the civilized world, and destroy our descendents before they are born.


Tom TB

Timmy, don't you love living in the greatest country on the planet Earth?

Matthew Danforth


You my friend are an idiot. Diplomacy is always the first step for ANY administration during any conflict. To assume that step would be skipped due to arrogance, etc. is ridiculous.

It sounds like you are just looking for a forum to sound off with some anti-Bush administration BS.

But anyway, on to what I really wanted to write about:

Survivor: "Race Wars". I think this concept is indeed a risky stab at grabbing some ratings. However, I do not see a problem with it at all. Many of the callers to todays show and you yourself, Monica, hit it on the head.

The many races of the world often choose to segregate themselves, for whatever the reason. And listening to New York City Councilman John Liu gave me a good laugh on my way to work today.

Tell me Monica, has the ACLU threatened to file suit on this one yet?

Keep up the Great Work, Monica! I very much enjoy listening to you when I get the chance...

-M. Danforth-

Matthew Danforth

Sorry JF,

The comment was meant for Timmy....


Matthew, YOU'RE the idiot and YOU'RE sadly mistaken if you believe that this administration will take part in any REAL diplomacy.

Sure, they'll put on a dog and pony show to give the illusion that diplomacy was attempted, but in the end they won't do anything really.

OK, so they say that Ahmadinejad is crazy. But he did write an 18 page letter to Bush opening the door to dialogue - and Bush didn't even acknowledge it.


Because he feels that it's in his best interest not to.

Ironically Bush could probably get everything he wanted out of Iran, but they won't put up with being talked down to and pushed around like a bunch of chumps. I really don't blame them. How would you feel as a person if another person ridiculed and isolated you like our country does to Iran?

And I'm not saying that they are not dangerous.

I am saying however that they could probably be de-fused with a more respectful approach.

And I think the jury MAY be out on what the greatest country on earth is - there are quite a few places on earth with far more deep and open-minded people and governments that cause less trouble throughout the world than the US - England, Italy and Canada come to mind.

Our opportunity is what makes this country great. Other than that it leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Tom TB

Ahmadinejan hated the USA when he was a student in Teheran; he was with the group that stormed our embassy in 1979. In his interview with Wallace on CBS he used the lefty talking-points about our incarceration rate and lack of national health care. In Iran, they have a high execution rate, less health care needed!


If we attempt to communicate with the enemy our leaders may be massacred at the dinner table, but we must take that chance. We must have a President who is willing and courageous enough to take that chance.
If we are to communicate with the enemy, we cannot base our decision to talk or not to talk on the extent that enemy has been cruel to us and our allies.
Their cruelty, although dramatically different in type and delivery, has been more than equaled by us in the emotional and physical destruction of individuals and families, the destruction of institutions, homes and businesses, and the infliction of intolerable physical burns, disfigurement and loss of sight and limb.

We must take the finest quality of our enemy and establish communication on that shared common interest—discover something in each other’s culture to admire—something we need more of, or do not yet have.

No other ground rules to start.


JF, very nicely stated - you and I speak differently but we have basically the same ideas and thoughts with regards to how we should interact with Iran.

Which is 180 DEGREES out of what Monica Crowley belives - she is a war-monger. She sees war as a first resort - not a last resort.

And she is DISGUSTING to listen to - she comes off as a more articulate, equally arrogant, equally obnoxious, slightly prettier version of Ann Coulter.

Tom TB

Timmy and JF, I started a study of Islamofascists after they attempted to kill me in 1993 at the World Trade Center. Kind of hard to negotiate with people who will say anything to the Infidel, then set off a bomb. And Timmy, if Monica upsets you so much, I assume you have a tuner on your radio.


Tom TB - Frankly I'm appalled at what the likes of Monica and Rush get away with - their deception should be criminal.

And the fact that right-wingers have a monopoly on talk radio should make you wonder.

There must be a reason that so many right wing radio personalities are paid lots of money to make people look away from reality.

Their deception should be criminal.


Apparently, Monica wants the U.S. to attack Iran. Does she perceive the whole thing like George and Ahmadinejan—that they are fulfilling prophecy by inviting Armageddon?
Even the most evil amongst us believe that their actions are for the good, whether it be "good" for themselves or for mankind.
My advice to Monica is as before. Think before you speak. Think before you leap. Think before you sleep. Then, for once, you might wake up rested.

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