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September 01, 2006



Hello Monica!

First, this is not over because you seem to forget that people inside the white house leaked the information to Matt Cooper and Judith Cooper!

For once, stop using the republican talking points, stop defending this pro coorporate ,pro neocon administration and be a true american who stands for the thruth! I guess you're just too partisan!


I love how people like Bob can't accept the truth, even when its looking at them right in the face. Hey Bob, when a paper like the Washington Post tells you there's nothing there, maybe it's time to move on? Time to come up with a new conspiracy to get you through the final Bush years.


Hi Monica, Do you remember John Loftus? You have worked with him on the Bachelor and Alexander Show and with John Bachleor alone.

He now has his own radio show on NovaM Radio now called Inside Intelligence. I am still not sure what to think of Loftus. Some of the things he talks about seem quite probable, but his position with respect to the Valrie Plame affair makes me distrust him.

He maintains that Plame was indeed some sort of undercover agent( I think he uses the term NOC agent). He also claims that the prosecutor is not that interested in Libby, but that he will use the conviction of Libby to get Libby to turn on Cheney.

I find it hard to believe that the prosecutor would have not prosecuted the highest offense if Plame was indeed an undercover agent.

What is your view with regard to Loftus's claim?

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