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July 29, 2006



The shows are either going to be very boring or very short.

pete mcleod


I know you have to do what you have to do for your career, but you lower yourself to do Don Imus show. I am sorry you have to do that, and I hope it helps you, but know that your radio show is fantastic!!! Good Luck, and we need you on the air MORE!!!!!!!!
Your right on target and you get it


Hi Monica.I'm an Imus Fan.My MSNBC went off the day Imus went off.I hooked up with KCAA,became a fan of them & have been with them ever since.I got your site from them & was on this morning but now I have a problem.When I got on your site it had Imus fans on it & his picture.On the top right a box came on with several of Imus shows dating back to 2002.I got to number 3 & really enjoying myself then decided to tell the Imus fans.When I clicked back it was gone & I can't recover it.Even the KCAA Fans were listed on the right side under the box & they were gone to.Now everything is on the left side minus the fans & Imus shows.What can I do?Please help me out here. Thanks,Sue

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