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May 19, 2006


Bob Gottschalk

It's insulting as well as arrogant to suggest Mexicans will work jobs thought to be beneath Americans. Why not give these jobs to those American people in need, partially subsidizing them rather then funding them 100% to sit home. We could reduce the burden of welfare as well as giving people self respect in working. Illegals are productive to those who take advantage of them through employment but highly unproductive to the collective Ameria Tax payer. We should also speak of prosecuting employers of illegals; it would definitely put a stop to illegal immmegration for work.

Bob Reierson

The long range problems that will result from our unwillingness to enforce our immigration laws are too numerous to list here. As a cost effective plan to reduce these problems and the number of illegal aliens in the U.S., I propose that a reward of $100 be given to an individual each time he/she documents a case of employment of an illegal alien. The employer should then be fined the maximum allowed by law and the money used to fingerprint the alien for the records and send him/her back to the country of origin. That would also apply to family members here with him illegally, although the fine may have to be increased to cover that. If any of them ever returns illegally, that should eliminate any future chance of U.S. citizenship. I assume existing laws allow for fines and deportation but are not enforced. This will provide an incentive for private citizens to help find and identify the illegals. As long as there as jobs, they will keep coming, regardless of what baloney is passed in Congress and not enforced anyway.

Tom TB

The arrogance displayed by the current crop of illegals is sometimes beyond my comprehension. I visit other countries and always respect their laws; why should we have any expectation that these "un-documented" uninvited "guest workers" will ever obey ours? Great show, Monica!

Shirley Cleary

When I saw millions of illegal aliens marching in the streets of America
demanding "their rights" the thought MOB RULE came to mind. I don't believe the police could have stopped them if they had wanted to. What a scary thought!
My daughter recently attended a march and rally in Los Angeles. She said it looked and smelled like Tiajuana. That's what the rest of this country is headed for! The Mexican crowd hurled insults and profanity at the marchers and they would have attacked the marchers but for the police presence, 3 fire engines and many cops on motorcycles. She was actually afraid for her life. What's ahead??


I agree, and one more thing....the reason that illegal immigrants are being taken advantage of by employers is because they REFUSE to learn the English language.
I'm tired of illegals and those who support them crying foul over the low paying jobs they get.
How can anyone get ahead in this country legal or illegal if they won't learn the language?
With an unemployment rate of 4.6% nearly every American can find work if they truly want to work.
As far as jobs being done by illegals that Americans won't do, I wonder how many took John McCains challenge to any American that he'd personally pay them $50.00 an HOUR to work in the fields.


Hi Monica,

Please do me a favor, when you speak with someone who is pro-breaking the immigration law, ask them to tell you how does this country's economy benefits from a single woman who comes here already pregnant, has no family, and later on have more babies. How does this country's economy benefits from a couple that comes here to pick up fruits and vegetables with 3,4, children, and make more children here? My opinion is that this is an assault against this country's taxpayers, our government is forcing us to support children we have not made. These illegal aliens are coming here to abuse our system.

Please read about the Silverio family living in California. This is only one case of thousands of these leeaches that are coming here to live off of the American people.



A friend of mine an American by generations is 58 years old, she spent her life taking care of her family, now her husband is retired and they are living on a very tight budget. She has no Health Insurance,and she needs to work. She found out that cleaning offices in Manhattan she could make $19.00 an hour plus benefits, this is a union job. She applied and they told her that the job was only for two month to fill in for those on vacation. She asked if there was a possibility to get this job permanently in the future and they told her a big NO, because people holding these jobs never leave them. She found out that these jobs are taken mostly by illegal aliens, and outsiders have no way of finding out when there is an opening, because when there is an opening the illegals already working in those places hear first and one illegal recommends another illegal. These are 35 hours jobs Monday thru Friday and Holidays off. Many Americans would work for $19.00 plus benefits, many college graduates work for $19.00 an hour. It is not true that they are not taking jobs from Americans. More than 20 million illegal aliens could not be working picking up fruits and vegetables. There a thousands of them holding high positions and no one knows they are illegally here. What is going on is not fair. I hope people like Monica would be able to wake-up America.



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