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May 05, 2006



I turned the radio off when Jonathan Alter was put on the air; Alter should have written "FDR: The Defining Statist". Roosevelt prolonged the Depression and expanded the federal government way beyond what the Founding Fathers intended; and when the Supreme Court declared much of the New Deal unconstitutional, Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court with rubber-stamping yes-men. The only foundation Roosevelt laid was the base of the pyramid scheme known as Social Security.


It was interesting listening to Johnathan Alter and his book on FDR.
The one thing that I did know was how much FDR distrusted Joe Kennedy, Sr.
On the anniversary of JFK's assassination a few years ago the History Channel ran nearly all day BIOS on the Kennedy family.
One of those was on the life of Joe Sr.
He was a big contributor to FDR's campaign and as such expected an appointment.
What he wanted was to be Secretary of Treasury which FDR refused to give him.
Instead the job he did get was to be the first head of the SEC.
Smart as a whip FDR felt that Joe was the perfect choice and I believe the quote that FDR said at the time to his aides was "There is nothing better a crook loves than to turn in other crooks". The bio went on to say how right FDR had been when Joe became very successful at the job doing just what FDR said he would do.


F.D.R. saw A chance to create A welfare state with his social programs like WPA etc. He admired and respected Josef Stalin even calling him, "UNCLE JOE". He was also told that Alger Hiss and his brother were communist spies, but he wouldn't belive it. Alger Hiss was with F.D.R. at Yalta.

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