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May 12, 2006



Doris Kearns Goodwin.
Monica Crowley.
On the stage together, singing in unison, going to go to a Red Sox game together.

Monica got hit with at least a dozen liberal punches and didn't even know she was in a fight. Don't you see the irony Monica? That is precisely how Lincoln did it. You were talking to Abraham Lincoln in a dress, and she dropped you to the mat without breaking a sweat.

You spoke early in your show how fruitless and foolish it is to talk to the enemy, yet you were part of a perfect demonstration of how talking works, when weapons are put aside.
The enemy is forced to use his or her intellect instead of diatribes, bombs and guns. The relationship gets personalized over a drink, a steam room, sauna, pool, ping pong table or Red Sox game, and often diffuses larger, seemingly impenetrable issues and differences.
There are no guarantees, but the door is at least open to thrash things out man to man or woman to woman, country to country, if you will.
Of course the talker must have the will, intelligence, and communication skills, ala Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagon, or Lincoln.

Bullying, insulting and baiting, ala, George Bush would be ineffective in such a dialogue, or at worst, disastrous, so we need a person in the Whitehouse who comes pretty damned close to Abraham Lincoln. We need that more now, than ever in our history.

I can see it now Monica—George Bush trying personal diplomacy. Can’t you see it Monica? Cheney ordered into a ping pong game with Bin Laden, and Bin Laden forced to develop a response when Cheney smashes a deadly forehand to his cheek?

Have fun at the ballgame.



What Bush could learn from Lincoln is that he is not fit to hold an office once held by such a great man, who was not afraid to hear opinions adverse to his.


I haven't read Goodwin's book yet but I will as soon as I finish Alan Greenspan's new book. General Sherman said Lincoln was the greatest man he ever met. Lincoln's ability to see through the back biting and self promotion of many Union Generals and promote Grant to head the Army saved the Union. I only wish he had lived through Reconstruction, the outcome would have been much different.


Hey, Steveok -- you and I actually agree on something! If only Lincoln had lived during the Reconstruction period, this country would be so much greater.

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