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May 12, 2006



Presidant Bush must secure the border. He must take the lead, no one else in the GOP has the moxie. The left-wing kooks have done everything to sabotage the war on terror, the illigal allian situation, domestic spying etc. It is time for the President to speak to the people, take controll of the debate

Tom TB

We should start securing the border by removing the U.N. from New York City! Anyone who has lived in the city of my birth has tales to tell of arrogant, drunk driving foreigners with diplomatic immunity, parking as they please, running over pedestrians, then getting recalled by their embassies, and replaced by another anti-American lout! Move the U.N. to Iraq!


Iran has every right to enrich uranium according to the NPT. Iran had huge demonstrations after 9/11 condemning it. I doubt ms crowley could name one city besides tehran in iran. It was wrong for him to say israel should be wiped off the map. israel the uS and Iran have clearly violated internatinal law with their remarks. But israel was created at the expense of the palestinian people. it is a european country in the middle of the middle east. it has certainly done nothing to stop anti-semitism. the idea that if israelis returned to russia or germnay they would face another holocaust if preposterous.


Sure, now that he has been pushed into it by the polls, Pinocchio Bush will get on TV and lamely attempt to demonstrate how “hands on” he is, (not), and tell the remaining 29% of gullible Americans how he is going to send the National Guard down there and make a show of his reluctant resolve to do the expedient thing.
Of course he won’t explain where the Guard is going to get the vehicles and equipment, since most of it has been shipped to his quagmire in Iraq.
Too little, too late Georgie boy. The train has left the station, as it has on most of your fruitless and pitiful policies and programs.
What a shame. Poor George has become one of those kids he left behind.


We are fighting an enemy that wants to destroy are civilization, if George Bush lied then all the learders of the Dimmocrap Party lied about Iraq. We cannot let these left-wing nut casses in the Dimmocrap Party take controll of this country again.


The enemy is within our current government—its arrogance, secrecy, lies and deception, its retrogressive thinking, its scatterbrained policies, and its insane agenda.
Until we realize and address that, we will be a magnet for all sorts of terrorism.


Hey Jol: You are A left-wing nut cake.


Your mindless reply is noted. Go Camden!


Jol, you GO, girl!!

Camden is basically a tiny, limp city in the middle of nowhere, LOL


Camden N.J. used to be A great town, now thanks to the libs is A dangerous place to live, and N.J. thanks to the libs the highist taxes in the nation among other things. I no longer live in Camden. You Jol tow the party line "talking points". Your party is A party built on hate. If GW lied about WMDs in Iraq then the leaders of the Dimmocrap party lied about WMDs in Iraq. Your party has no substance, only name calling. Your anti-war groups like International Answer, and Not In Our Name our front groups for Workers World Party (Marxist-Leninist), and Revolunary Communist Party (Maoist), wow fun people. Three days after 9-11 the same day Answer was formed they were already protesting the war in Afganistan, the war in Iran, the war in Syria, the war in North Korea. The same things that come out of your mouth Jol, I can hear out the mouths of the leaders of the groups that I have just mentioned. All anyone has to do is go to Zombietime.com great photos of the anti-war protests, posters that read "crush Isreal", people dressed as scuicide bombers, and to hear their leaders speak. All anyone has to do is to go over to Liberalscum.com to read what the leaders of the Dimmocraps had to say about WMDs in Iraq. The enemy within Jol is the Dimmocrap Party a Party of TREASON, A Party whose herros leak State secrets, A Party that does everything in its power to sabotage the war on terror. A war against an enemy that wants to destroy our civilization, an enemy that would like to plunge the world into the DARK AGES. You Jol are either very clever or very shallow, which is it let us all in on your secret.


Some nasty allegations there, C-man. . . tch
tch . . . naughty. . . naughty. The Democrats won't like you demeaning them like that.
But then, you'll find that out in November, won't you?
I realize, that you find thinking difficult, C-man, but could you try a little harder please? Perhaps we could give you a handicap—how about five misspellings and ten irrational statements per post.
Would that help?

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