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May 22, 2006


Ray Martinez

I don't think enough of the debate focuses on the employers. If no one is hiring immigrants, there is less of an incentive to come to the country. Much of the discussion centers around the law, and that the immigrants have broken the law to come into the country. I believe we should hold ourselves accountable to the same standards we would for anyone who wishes to become part of our nation. Whatever penalties, fines, etc are imposed on the illegals should have a corresponding penalty to those who have paid them. Charge the business owner so many dollars per employee per month of employment, and we'll have much more success in resolving the issue.


Ray Martinez,

The penalties, fines, etc. imposed on the illegals to continue to stay here is an amnesty, and more millions are going to be coming. Does not matter how much penalties, fines they have to pay to get the ticket to eventually become citizens, they are ahead of the game, because they come here with many children, and those children cost more to the taxpayers than what the illegal aliens are going to pay in penalties, and fines. What is fair, and right to do is that they go back to where they came from and come back the right way. Pro-law breakers say that it is impossible to deny the right to stay here to a person who has been here illegally for 20 years and made a family here. I believe that the longer they have been here breaking the law, the longer they have milk the system, and they should go, they already had the opportunity for many years to make some money, and their children had an education paid by the taxpayers, what else do they want?


Could you please tell people thru your radio show that Spanish people that have come to this country the right way, and are citizens for many years are against illegal immigration? The only Spanish pro-illegal are those from La Raza, Aztlan organizations, an others who want to be politicians. Politicians think that they would lose Spanish votes if they don't gi amnesty to these 20 million law breakers? They are wrong, it is not true, there are more Spanish people against illegal immigration than pro-illegal. This is the reason why there is also an organization called YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ME.


These poor illegal hard working people come to US to do work that Americans don't do.


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