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May 25, 2006



he's partly right. republicans lost the Iraq debate by forfeit, the libs simply cared about it more. Unless they are themselves Iraqis, republicans have no reason to give a crap about Bush's pyramid building adventure in the desert. It was never a good fit. most of us trusted the neo cons because they seemed to know what they were talking about. as it turned out, they don't.

Here's a deal for you: how about you let us libs go after Bush and the neo cons, who we hate far more than you like, and we'll let you go to town on immigration reform: deportation, big wall, whatever. think about it.


Well Lester, I would say you have a win-win situation there. The illegals are destroying America and so is Bush, I say they both go.


Illegal Aliens say: In 20 years we'll run America




Illegals Demand Blanket Amnesty and US Citizenship
As US political leaders become more and more feckless with regards to the illegal immigration problems plaguing the country, illegal aliens are becoming increasingly bolder and more vocal in their demands. On Saturday, a purported 15,000 member-strong group of illegal aliens and their leftist supporters once again took to the streets of Los Angeles. In the past, the illegal groups had issued “or else” ultimatums to the US government that it must pass an “illegal immigrant reform” bill. The “or else” involved the illegal immigrants’ refusing to work—but, still expecting to be paid—if the US did not meet their commandments. Now, however, they are demanding a blanket amnesty that entails no fines for being in the US illegally and no returns to Mexico in order to apply for US positions and residencies—nothing. Instead, the illegals carried signs commanding “Amnesty Now!”




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