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June 23, 2010



The current clean-up efforts are an exercise in futility if the oil gusher isn't capped. Many experts are pessimistic about the relief wells. They say they probably won't reduce the pressure enough on the gusher to make permanent repairs. Some say this gusher could last for thirty years; thus resulting in the contamination of the entire Atlantic ocean. Have a nice day.


Bush and now Obama are trying to teach people that the US government cannot be relied upon, to solve problems. Enter the global government. Obama as "Man of the World", is responding by promotion of climate change - a tax on energy to assist the global economy; and placing the Southern coast on welfare to bog down our national economy even more.

But YOU CAN SEE how global business handles these things. BP was structured as a global company. It expanded rapidly, and is a total failure as a neo-socialist corporatist entity. Their solution to the well gusher have been the standard past responses to former blowouts, with no new responses - no intelligence, just the stolen consultants. Despite failure they would like to continue - maybe get larger. They are looking to the market for an emergency response. They only drill it. Someone else can fill it.

HERE IS THE THING - We can relax. Despite dwindling petroleum retrieval, there is all that natural gas, right? Not according to "Gasland", the movie on HBO. Would you like BP to start retrieving gas in your neighborhood? Probably not. The methods for retrieval of natural gas are in the primitive stages, leaving behind large pools of contaminated surface water and deranging the groundwater cleanliness and flow.

If they started getting the gas tomorrow, how long before they created an environmental calamity and then just sat there, like they have in this debacle?


George Soros owns $900 million in petrobras stock.

Last August Obama guaranteed a federal loan to petrobras to the tune of $2 billion...for development of Brasil's OFFSHORE DRILLING capability...to drill to depths that are three times as deep as the BP well currently spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico...all while imposing a 6 month "moratorium" on domestic offshore production.

Why is the "president" of the United States destroying the economies of four States and destroying our domestic ability to drill offshore, while he's giving $2 billion of our tax dollars to Brasil to develop theirs further?

Who's getting screwed to the wall in this deal?


Big government still has appeal?


No to Oil Production Moratorium

In spite of the fact that the fishing and tourism industries of several Gulf States have been damaged, the current White House occupant imposed a 6-month moratorium on offshore oil production. There’s little to no evidence to support any other conclusion than that this moratorium will lead to a long term cessation of U.S. oil production in the Gulf of Mexico; thereby destroying jobs within the economies of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Is this the action of someone who’s interested in creating jobs for everyday Americans, or is it the action of someone bent on inflicting as much damage on America’s free market economy as possible?

The stated goal of this administration is to wean America off of our addiction to foreign oil. They propose to create a vibrant "green jobs" economy teeming with American jobs that won’t migrate overseas. They point to Spain as the poster child for a successful green energy economy. Really? Spain’s current unemployment is 20%. That’s twice our current unemployment rate. For every single green energy job Spain created, their economy lost 4 jobs. This simply does not sound like a good plan for the United States.

There’s enough oil within the territorial United States to supply the energy needs of America for 50 years without using a single drop of imported oil. We’d create badly needed American jobs by drilling for our own oil, and keep billions of dollars within our own economy. Those 50 years will give American business time to build nuclear plants, convert as much as possible to natural gas, and develop clean coal technology. Are you going to tell me that a country that in less than 10 years went from barely being able to send monkeys into space to landing a man on the Moon can’t perfect clean coal technology in 50?

Besides driving up the price of foods that use corn oil and corn syrup (which includes just about every food made in America today) ethanol consumes more energy to produce than it provides. What possible use can be made of that? Why waste time creating ethanol? Why not devote the energy required to create ethanol in other areas where energy is needed?

Due to their inherent inefficiencies, solar and wind will never become a major source of energy for mass consumption. Solar and wind have the most potential in targeted applications that allow individuals to feed less off of the power grid.

Instead, the current administration would prefer to tax carbon dioxide emissions that will make energy costs skyrocket. This will destroy jobs and demolish the pocketbooks of average everyday citizens.

A tax on airborne plant food…on a planet where all life is carbon based? This is such a stupid idea the only way it could happen is to have a bunch of uneducated lemming voters believe everything an organized syndicate of pathological liars tells them.


How about a tax on airborne oil?

Hydro-fracturing for retrieval of methane is dangerous, much different than secondary recovery in an oil well. This sort of operation requires an environmental impact statement and federal coordination, or the possible environmental calamity could make the Gulf situation look tiny in comparison - think large blocks of earth taking off vertically and horizontally.

Of all the BIG engineering projects considered, the most attractive is to use the shallow, empty Middle Eastern reservoirs to grow oil using nutrients and bacteria. Relatively harmless.


Perhaps my matinal endocrinologic malaise would be improved by shifting my jogging to the morning. I am always happy to hear success stories of people. Dropping a nasty habit and going for a swim - great move.
POSTED BY: TRUTHER | JUNE 23, 2010 AT 12:16 PM

Thanks Truther. I can definitely attest to the benefits of exercise. My friend is into Gary Null and , who has a radio show and store in NYC. You might want to check out this site:





Aside from the Gulf ecological disaster, there is a looming threat to the Great Lakes via Asian carp. They, if not stopped, have the real potential to wipe out the Great Lake's indigenous fish species.



Of all the BIG engineering projects considered, the most attractive is to use the shallow, empty Middle Eastern reservoirs to grow oil using nutrients and bacteria. Relatively harmless.

Posted by: Truther | June 24, 2010 at 03:15 AM

One theory is that Peak Oil is an ignorant concept, held by the scientist packs of Government-academic bureaucracies. This theory holds that the earth grows oil naturally, without the need of dead dinosaurs, and it happens most everywhere, not just in Mohammed's Middle East. Accordingly, the West has far less need of the Middle East than its "experts" think it has. Few in the West accept this theory. Greenies and windmillers dread it. Meanwhile, the Russians are amazed at what they see as the green neurosis of the once dynamic West....

///////Today, Russians laugh at our peak oil theories as they explore, and find, the bounty in the bowels of the Earth. Russia’s reserves have been climbing steadily — according to BP’s annual survey, they stood at 45 billion barrels in 2001, 69 billion barrels in 2004, and 80 billion barrels of late, making Russia an oil superpower that this year produced more oil than Saudi Arabia.



Andrew Gould, the CEO of big oil services firm Schlumberger, has been saying for a few months that:

...the industry is dealing with a phenomenon that is exaggerated by the lack of investment over the past 18 years. This phenomenon is the decline rate for the older reservoirs that form the backbone of the world’s oil production, both in and out of OPEC. An accurate average decline rate is hard to estimate, but an overall figure of 8% is not an unreasonable assumption. The maintenance required to slow the rate of decline, and increase the overall recovery, is a key element of the supply picture going forward.

//// Will they find endless oil? Standard Oil found its Eastern Reserves north of Australia in the 60's. They have combed the earth, and now face technological challenges. The Ruskies, have been in no hurry to develop what they have, and grab whatever they can, now including the Arctic and periphery of the Antarctic, proving that to some extent they won a few battles in the Cold War. :-)


Russian research has shown that the Earth doesn’t need dinosaurs to produce oil.

Do dead dinosaurs fuel our cars? The assumption that they do, along with other dead matter thought to have formed what are known as fossil fuels, has been an article of faith for centuries. Our geologists are taught fossil fuel theory in our schools; our energy companies search for fossil fuels by divining where the dinosaurs lay down and died. Sooner or later, we will run out of liquefied dinosaurs and be forced to turn to either nuclear or renewable fuels, virtually everyone believes.

Except in Russia and Ukraine. What is to us a matter of scientific certainty is by no means accepted there. Many Russians and Ukrainians — no slouches in the hard sciences — have since the 1950s held that oil does not come exclusively, or even partly, from dinosaurs but is formed below the Earth’s 25-mile deep crust......


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