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June 21, 2010



It's not just same-sex that's busting out of the closet. Skeletons are dancing out too, even from the Government-and-corporate Sodom and Gomorrah.

Now there's evidence of BP as a collection of international crony capitalists, good at buying pols, not as good at responsibility. Exxon, Mobil, Chevron etc all have better records. And who has been a prime corporate mover behind the socialists' Cap and Trade? That's right. BP, those European sophisticates. Who would even dream of putting a showcase Viking on camera, blubberring on how badly he felt about "dee small people" affected by the Gulf catastrophe? And who but European corporate socialists, or the old Soviet commissariat, would dare to use a human clam shell like the UK's Tony Hayward as a spokesman to the world? Insanely stupid? Or utterly arrogant?

How revealing they are. And not just these corporate socialists. The revelations keep on coming re the socialist-corporatists too. e.g. What US pol got the biggest palm greasing from BP? Yes, Barack Soetoro Hussein Obama. And who was living rent free for five years off of BP? Yes, Deadfish Emmanuel, now doing his ballet theater steps in "condemning" BP's Hayward for yachting (while Obama golfs---and FDR spent about half of WW II on a yacht.)

From Heyward to Harvard: Examples of the new multi-national 'meritocracy'? Or just the better known members of America's most elite crime syndicate?

Who can say? Maybe the Republicans can, as they sway between the corporate socialism of a Tony Heyward, and the socialist-corporatism of a BSH Obama?


About Obama. People will always nitpick someone when they are not for that person. It could have been Bush or any other president playing golf. Have not seen the Obama getting the favortism in the media. But, I watch Foxnews alot.


Can you imagine George Bush playing 39 rounds of golf during his first year and a half in office? The media would've (rightly) been beside themselves. And yet their collective boyfriend gets a free pass.


Didn't have to be Golf, it could have been anything else for Bush.What boyfriend? On Foxnews, they are always bashing Obama. The CEO is a confirmed anti-Obama, himself.


Now there's evidence of BP as a collection of international crony capitalists, good at buying pols, not as good at responsibility. Exxon, Mobil, Chevron etc all have better records. And who has been a prime corporate mover behind the socialists' Cap and Trade? That's right. BP, those European sophisticates-GRINGOMAN

BP is behind "Cap and Trade" legislation? Maybe it's time for Gringoman to extend his subscription to the ADVOCATE. The Wes Clark cover has you all vermished.

This gringogem:
" Exxon, Mobil, Chevron etc all have better records."

Gringoman must have been all ga-ga over Bob Dylan's panties to have heard about Exxon Valdez, a drunk captain makes a better record.

Or perhaps Chevron and the Nigerian death squads? Nope. Gringoman was more into the Oil for Food fantasy concocted to embarrass a black man than anything that smacked of a better record than BP.

Maybe Mobil fouling the Ecuadorian rain forest?
Nah. Then it was all about Nate Scheransky tapping his way out the gulags. Gringoman is down with Mobil coz they put detergent in their gasoline and he used to buy soda pop from the cooler at the Fishtown Mobil.

But you gotta see that the big difference here is that BP is euro based... and that alone makes them in gringospeak, "sophisticats".
Slick and refined like a Shell refinery. Hey Shell is Dutch, so they must be more sophisticated coming from the euro mainland; and therefore must be cap and trade specialists... plus the dutch boy could put his finger in the dike to save Holland and Obama did not even call him to help in the Gulf.
If Gringoman had ever worn a cap and gown one might even begin ask how London based BP became down with cap and trade.... but he didn't and they aren't.


We don't expect Obama to suck up the oil with a straw but we do expect him to show some leadership. We don't need another stinking commission, we need a little leadership and if he doesn't have any then appoint someone like Gen. Petraeus who does have some leadership to get the job done. Stop blaming Bush and BP for everything and just get the job done.


BP writing the cap-and-trade bill: Another right-wing zombie lie in the making?

June 15, 2010 11:51 am ET - by Terry Krepel

We’ve previously written about zombie lies in the right-wing media -- claims long ago disproven yet still cited as fact. It seems there’s a new zombie lie in the making: the claim that the cap-and-trade bill was written by BP.

Several days after PolitiFact declared Sen. Mitch McConnell’s claim that BP wrote the energy bill sponsored by Sens. John Kerry and Joe Lieberman to be false, Janet Porter was repeating it in her June 15 WorldNetDaily column:

What you may not know is that the BP candidate [Obama] will address the BP spill with a bill written by … BP!

No kidding. According to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., "a major part" of the Kerry-Lieberman cap-and-trade/global-warming bill was "essentially written by BP."

What to do about the BP oil spill? Let's pound on the podium about it. Let's take some pictures about it. And let's … pass the BP-drafted tax bill for government control!

In fact, as PolitiFact explained, while BP was one of many parties who floated ideas for the bill, “saying that the senators listened to BP's case is not the same as saying that ‘a major part’ of the bill ‘was essentially written by BP.’ " Further, three major initiatives pushed by BP do not even appear in the current version of the bill.

Porter went on to quote from a June 9 CNSNews.com article that quoted McConnell claiming “BP actually helped write” the cap-and-trade bill. But that was merely a report on McConnell’s remarks, and no apparent attempt was made to verify what he said. To the contrary: CNS quoted Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe endorsing McConnell’s claim.

A search of CNS’ archives indicates that CNS has yet to report the fact that McConnell’s claim has been shown to be false.

Between right-wing columnists’ embrace of this false claim and the right-wing media’s apparent disinterest in correcting the record, we may have ourselves a new zombie lie in the making.

Copyright © 2009 Media Matters for America. All rights reserved.


While people discus whether or not Tony Hayward has spent too much time at the "Suits and Boots club" with Brownie, the former BP head, or whether Obama is simply too light to be a competent president, as evinced by his BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling Commission, composed of :

One environmental scientist (ALAR scare person), one engineer (specialist in optics) and 5 people with an anti-oil agenda,

We are guaranteed there will be more of the usual political theater, and recreation. We do not need political people to make camera splashes, and political postures; we need people who find out what they need to do, and implement it.

To make this possible we need to demand more professionalism from the people who are in control of our society. Could people do that? Can our leaders place more time in their professional planners for actual problem solving?


Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny?


The answer is YES!

Tyranny is defined as a country where THE PEOPLE FEAR THE GOVERNMENT. I sense we are there already.

Ummah Gummah - pass the moHAMed toilet paper


Gringoman, looks like the same infestation that attacked you under various pseudonyms has re-appeared under the name of JPM.


Ummah Gummah - pass the moHAMed toilet paper


Meanwhile, in France, more than just a few brave souls staged an eat-in and drink-in [apéro géant] in front of the embassy of sharia-compliant Qatar.

Pronounced "cutter" according to Ted Koppel. Who gives a twit.

That the police sought to prevent free French men and women from eating pork sausages and drinking wine in public did not sit well with Parisians and they showed up "en masse" for this peaceful, joyous and yes, media whores - "multi-ethnic" - protest.

Even a German and a couple of Englishmen with a three lions banner were part of the crowd.

Europeans standing together against the vile darkness threatening to take over the Continent.

Background on this story is that every Friday the area is being taken over by moHAMedans who perform their stone-age prayer rituals right on the streets, blocking and re-directing traffic, usurping police powers, basically.

Thing is that Parisians will have to turn out each and every Friday if they want this rabble off their streets.

Will they have zee fortitude pour faire ça?


Ummah Gummah - pass the moHAMed toilet paper


I forgot to include the link:




The US military is sometimes called on to restore civil order, and ... render humanitarian aid. In Afghanistan, as in the Philippines, the US military is being asked to help the locals restore civil order by rebuilding houses, and digging wells.

This is not the job of the US military. If they want to render aid, and comfort to the locals, it ought to be the UN that does this work, hopefully after the military units have retreated out of those areas.


Gringoman, looks like the same infestation that attacked you under various pseudonyms has re-appeared under the name of JPM.


Posted by: Ummah Gummah - pass the moHAMed toilet paper | June 22, 2010 at 09:18 AM


I don't know what you are talking about, Gummah.

Look, seldom do people see eye to eye on every issue and I can't say that I am in lockstep with your every worldview.
But at least you are honest. The real deal. That I respect. Not a candyass whining about bumping into a glass door.
All these months I read this guy kvetching about Obama and the first chance in his life he gets to put on a tie he starts bragging about drinking wine with an Obama appointed ambassador sayin' she is a fine public servant.
Okay, maybe so... but get real.


The french know how to eat. No gendarme is going to stop the party. Did the report say which wine went well with the sausages?
BTW: Did France thow the match with South Africa today?
In the UAE even Paris Match is banned. Imagine that!?
It's because they show an occasional boob or two... and some breasts too.

Ummah Gummah - pass the moHAMed toilet paper


The new Sex and the City movie which is supposed to play in Dubai was actually filmed elsewhere because the set was shut down by religions police for being too "degenerate".

The use of the word "sex" in the same breath as horseface SJP is indeed degenerate.

Anyway, there's no need for me to ever go to one of these islamic paradises and all i want is not to have any of them over here.

Is that asking too much?!

I just don't want to have to be bothered with this retrograde violent and in its final consequence imperialist belief system called islam.

Is that really asking too much?



Life is a hellhole for the ordinary stiff in those countries. I hear they bootleg satellite dishes just to get a whiff of the outside world. People who install or buy these dishes are at risk of imprisonment.
How can these places break into a secular world if they are banning TV and food? I think that there is a big double standard where the rich go to the West to play and then come home to pray; while the poor are just stuck.

Ummah Gummah - pass the moHAMed toilet paper


My sympathy for the "ordinary stiffs" in the islamic world is lukearm at best. Soon as any of them get over here they install dishes so they can watch al Jazeera and other islamo-fascist broadcasts.

If they really want change they'd change their own countries. All I ever see is that when they do get to vote they vote for even more islam.

Just what they do when they get to the West. They make noisy intrusive hostile demands, as prescribed in the KKKorag.

And they go to mosks where they loudly preach the destruction of America and the West.




People are indeed funny. Travel abroad and suddenly miss home. Instead of working on the suntan they're in with CNN.
From your comments it appears that you think the houses of worship are really political action centers.

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