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April 30, 2010







Folks, a little history. Texas, California, Arizona, New MEXICO, ALL started out as Hispanic cultures under the control of Mexico and Spain. Little by little immigration of people of US and european descent from east of the Mississippi in the US changed the cultures of these states, as they became states, into the HIspanic INFLUENCED ONLY melting pots they were from that time until, say, 1980 or so. If immigration is not stopped via a wall, which would stop waves of it in time for previous waves to assimilate fully, the aforementioned states will return to as much as Hispanic culture as they originally were. Only with a ton more Tecate drunk driving deaths and gang criminality than occurred in Eleanor Clift's 40's happy version of 1920's "Zorro" hispanic culture IN HER MIND.

Eleanor has never been to East LA or Tijuana, I can promise you that. Nor driven on an LA freeway passing several totaled and burning cars driven into rails by drunks on Hispanic holidays.

Now, while every group of recent immigrants has its own reputation for severe alcohol abuse and problems, when their particular waves of immigration ended, their people for the most part put alcohol abuse aside as they became assimilated.

This cannot ever happen with a wave of immigration that never ends.

Today, for the first time in my life, there is a neighborhood advertising billboard, in Spanish, for Tecate beer.

SOMEONE will be burning it to the ground later on tonight.


NOTE TO ILLEGALS: We don't owe you sh*t! Get the h3ll out of our country, you entitled b4stards!!



No, UG, that is me. I can't take the LIEberals anymore. I'm going to stop watching their television shows because it is a waste of time.

The liberals complain about people killed in the war, but do you realize that, at one point, more people were killed by drive by shootings in Chicago than in Iraq?

So, they want to give amnesty to everyone. I guess that includes the drug cartels that are capable of hacking off people's heads and limbs. Mexico is the kidnapping capital of the world and, now, thanks to immigration, Phoenix is number 2.

I wish we could divide up the country and they can stay on their half while we stay on ours. The new is all propaganda. "The journalists" should stick to doing what they do best - reporting on stories on Paris Hilton .


Why do we allow Submarines in the Gulf at all? I thought it was our standing policy to ward these off.

Savage attributed the attack on the oil rig, to a desire on the part of the N Koreans, to disrupt the anti-proliferation talks. Actually, isn't it much more obvious the reason would be Havana and Venezuela, attempting to incite Latino riots in the US?

Do they have active agents operating in the US? Almost certainly.


You cannot drill in waters where your government does not have control over the region, just as you cannot support capital investment in areas where there is no legal structure actively supporting development.


You have to SEE this debate from "This Week". George Will debates the Arizona Immigration law with Sharkton, Bill Maher, and some LIEberal chick.



Posted by: M/M | May 02, 2010 at 07:16 PM


That liberal chick on the panel is Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the editor, publisher and part owner of The Nation magazine.

It was obvious George Will was suffering having to sit there and listen to three anti-white bigots: Vanden Heuval, Maher, and Sharpton. Ironically, the loathsome Sharpton is the least anti-white of the three. Sharpton is more interested in promoting the interests of blacks (even if it results in the murder of inocents [the guy should be in jail, not on national TV]), whilst Maher and Vanden Heuvel are more concerned with promoting and endorsing the anti-white ideology whites have been subjected to since the 1960’s cultural revolution -- and they get a nut-off dishing it out. Nevertheless, all three of them are repulsive degenerates, i.e., typical leftists.


From the Tree of Liberty forum


"Could the Gulf of Mexico oil blowout represent TEOTWAWKI? Could it represent the end of the world (for humanity) period?

I’m sitting on the Gulf Coast pretty close to the site, in Waveland Mississippi. I don’t think it will represent TEOTWAWKI…but I’m not entirely sure it won’t.

Let’s work through what we know…and what we think we know…so far. The BP rig was doing cutting edge drilling in extremely deep water. 5000 feet is way beyond the practical ability of divers to work, so everything is done by automated systems and remotely-operated vehicles at those depths. These are fantastic examples of technology, but their use is far less efficient in many ways than human divers. The simplest tasks often become exercises in patience, futility and frustration.

Further, 5000′ is only - literally - scratching the surface of the drilling rig’s work. The actual well, according to news reports, went 30,000′ below the seabed. Combined, we’re talking roughly the height of Mount Everest!

To date, the Blow-Out-Preventer has not been able to cease the flow and various reports indicate that the BOP had a maximum working pressure of 20,000 PSI and a gas kick of 60,000 PSI may have caused the explosion (and possibly the failure of safety systems).

I’m not a drilling expert, but did work as a commercial diver in the GOM for many years. I’ve been on countless rigs and platforms. Let’s take a brief look at pressure:

The air you are breathing at the moment is approximately 14.7 PSI (absolute) if you are anywhere near sea level. A lot of auto tires hold around 32 PSI. The compressor at the station where you fill your tires might produce between 100 and 150 PSI. SCUBA tanks hold air or mixed gasses at extremely high pressure. Various steel tanks hold between 1800 PSI and 2500 PSI. Common aluminum tanks hold 3000 PSI. The racks of big gas cylinders you often see on a mixed gas dive job or saturation diving system often hold between 1800 - 2250 PSI. A common high powered rifle, such as a 30-06 *might* generate 60,000 PSI at the moment of firing, but even the venerable 30-06 is usually loaded at somewhat less pressure. 20,000 PSI is just a little more than what a hot .38 Special round generates.

The challenge of the leak mitigators now is to plug a hole, which may be surrounded by debris from the sunken rig, at pressures reported to be north of 20,000 PSI, sitting under 5000 feet of sea water. They can’t use divers to even assist in the process at that depth. Further, 5000′ is only the beginning. If the leak cannot be stopped at the seabed well head under those unbelievably difficult circumstances, they may have to drill down an additional 30,000′ to plug the well from the bottom. There is no certainty that this can be done and even if it can be done, it may take an extraordinary amount of time. They’re currently talking months, but we must assume that any public pronouncements at this point in time tend to the optimistic.

Now, let’s look at the leak volume estimates. I believe they started with estimates of 1000 gallons per hour, then it went to 5000, then - according to some sources - 20,000 and I’ve recently seen estimates of 200,000. I have no more clue than anyone reading this post, but my scientifically impeccable methodology comes up with the precise figure of, er, uhhhhm… a lot!

But it all gets better…or, actually, worse. You see, no one knows with any certainty how large this oil reservoir is. It could slow and stop in a week or so, or it may, in practical terms, never stop.

And if it doesn’t stop in any sort of reasonable time horizon and if they can’t seal it…then what?

Think this through, folks.

Best regards


Deepest navy dive is 2000' with a hard shelled suit. It looks like a job for Ballard.

It might have also occurred to someone that Ahmadinejad has troops in Latin America. He might have had a hand in this oil rig disaster, waiting for a crackdown on immigrants. For all we know they might have been infiltrating into the US with weapons caches for a while already.


"It looks like a job for Ballard."


Before any equipment such as the Ballard can perform the task of capping the rupture, the pressure must be relieved. That would required drilling another hole. The experts say drilling another hole would take at least 90 days. Even then, nobody knows for certain if a permanent repair can be made. Hopefully the oil reserve is small in relative terms and soon will reduce the pressure on its own.


I wish we could divide up the country and they can stay on their half while we stay on ours. The new is all propaganda. "The journalists" should stick to doing what they do best - reporting on stories on Paris Hilton .
POSTED BY: M/M | MAY 03, 2010 AT 06:30 AM


I agree. They can have California, no matter how beautiful it is. But they MUST keep all the illegals and they MUST take all the moslems whom THEY are responsible for allowing in.

They can have the Northeast and - sigh - Michigan.

BUT - they HAVE to keep their illegals, their welfare cases and their moslems!




They will also have to keep THESE people:


Funny, I didn't see any S.W.A.T. Teams there. Maybe they were too busy rounding up grannies in Muncie, Ill.



A federal judge in Detroit has just granted bond to all 9 Hutaree members. After the Court allowed the prosecution every opportunity prove its case, they failed to convince the judge the defendants posed a danger to the community if released. Could it be we are witnessing another Steven Hatfell or Richard Jewell fiasco?


Well, ONE good thing for the recent botched Mossad Times Square car bombing... it shuts up all the idiots on the net who keep claiming Mossad pulled 9-11.

As if they ever had the juice to pull THAT one off, or would team up with Team Bush-Cheney and their Saudi bedpals for a single second.

No, really. Did you see the agent they caught on tape changing his shirt in front of the truck? Unbelievably amateur. Guy sneaks a look at the truck as he rushes off.

Just dumb, and still desperate to get us to suicide ourselves against Iran. And timed perfectly close to Armendinejad's speech at the UN. How convenient.

Expect more shenanigans from our rogue 51st state in the Mideast.


"at one point, more people were killed by drive by shootings in Chicago than in Iraq?" - M/M

Excuse me. I have to get up off the floor to type. Thanks for the laugh of the year.

It would have been safer in Chicago too if we'd locked up everyone in their homes the way that we'd locked all our troops up in the Green Zone fortress during "that one point".

Duh. The reason troops aren't dying as much is because they aren't patrolling anymore.

Have we won?

"Oh, hell no you can't."


"Could it be we are witnessing another Steven Hatfell or Richard Jewell fiasco?" - DJ

Not very likely. Just a bunch of very stupid and foolish people who shot their mouths off a bit too much, and a government more inclined to let them go to prove THEY aren't Soviet tanks? Time will tell.

Which is not to say that the next Timothy McVeigh or Koresch won't receive the same the first two idiots did. Just not THESE idiotic anti-Christian folks who HOPEFULLY have learned a very hard lesson about amassing an arsenal and who the enemy really is.

(Their mirrors and their false god of "Holy" war.)


More on the Times Square Mossad fubar op:



Ahmadinejad is walking the streets of NYC.

Anything can happen in NYC. Even Dr. Atkins slipped and hit his head on the curb.


"Just a bunch of very stupid and foolish people who shot their mouths off a bit too much..." ( --xbjllb)


I very much agree with you there, but let's not lose sight of the fact the FBI infiltrated their little militia. I'm very skeptical about the role the FBI played. Were they merely acting as an inside observer to see how far the militia would go, or did the FBI influence and instigate a bunch of rubes into saying they were going to do something they, on their own, would never have said let alone carried out? There is a motive for the government to do so. Remember, Janet Napolitano made some very inflammatory remarks about the threat of domestic terrorism for which she took allot of criticism. What she said can be seen here:


and here:


Now couldn’t it be in the realm of possibilities for the FBI to set up a bunch of idiots for the purpose of vindicating Napolitano? This whole incident seems a little too well timed and convenient for me to accept at face value. Like you say, time will tell.



Well DJ, if they instigated them and now are wrist slapping them, then I'd say the authorities are being pretty levelheaded and it accomplished what it was meant to do... stopped a couple of tanboy and pushead "leaders" in Congress from instigating and igniting revolution. Perhaps not the Bachmann-Palin Overdrive, but no one really listens to them anyway.

Win-win all around. A kinder and gentler regime.

And you cannot "cointelpro" folks who will not allow themselves to be so "conintelpro'ed" in the first place. There was a bent, and it was decidedly wrong on all levels.

Maybe now they can get back to reading the New Testament for a change. That part about "Loving your enemies".


Tea Party is Racist and Violent: Massive Sloppy Propaganda Fail From Mainstream Media



Ahmadinejad is walking the streets of NYC.

Anything can happen in NYC. Even Dr. Atkins slipped and hit his head on the curb.

POSTED BY: TRUTHER | MAY 03, 2010 AT 03:44 PM


What if a car bomb went up right when he did? If the Israelis are really up to snuff they should do the job if noone else will.


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