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February 23, 2010



"How do you explain yourself, sir? Well, Brown says that although he realizes the bill "isn't perfect" (understatement of the year), he hopes his "vote is a strong step toward restoring bipartisanship."


This shouldn't come as a surprise, especially given the fact he's buds with the aisle crawling RINO, John McCain.


This shouldn't come as a surprise, especially given the fact he's buds with the aisle crawling RINO, John McCain.

Posted by: DJ | February 23, 2010 at 09:20 AM

Not surprised. Not only did I expect it, I expect to see more of this. Savage and Beck warned us.


The euphoria over Scott Brown's victory in MASS. reminded me of the reaction to George Bush's win in 2004. Yes, I confess to voting Bush, but cringed at the widespread euphoria from others who picked Georgie. What were they expecting, besides a form of Democrat lite who courted the Bible Belt a bit more than the double-standard hand-out 'hood?

G.O.P. voters, giddy at Scott Brown's capture of the "Kennedy seat", had to overlook not only his status as a "knight" of the feudal lord John McCain, but also his support for abortion.

As someone who sees abortion as a States Rights' issue, and not something for the Beltway Commissariat to dictate one way or the other, I might have given Brown some slack on that---until he further defines himself in action.

Well, now he just defined himself as someone who will also support the Democrats' "jobs" jive.

Not so good, Scott. Oh, in case you had any Presidential ambitions, here's a suggestion: Cease and desist. The country's in mood for dining on bipartisan baloney sandwiches, no matter what Johnny Boy whispers in your ear. As an outed progressive Republican, you'll be lucky if Mark Levin doesn't start calling you a "Repubic."


Rep Thaddeus McCotter on Hardball “Only 21% Of The American People Think They Are Being Governed By Their Own Consent”


My critique of the video, McCotter is ahead in class, and intellect. McCotter is calling for Free Market solutions to Health Care Coverage, Matthews and Connelly are having none of it.

Rep Connelly of Prince William Co.,Va., tried to get one of his constituents arrested?


Rafe Masters

"The Democrats' idea of bipartisanship is that Republicans cave on their ideals and vote with them."

Um...Can't the same be said with Republicans? Which is why the Govt is broken... Both political parties are at fault here and it brings up hope that there are some that are at least making an effort to work together. I applaud Scott Brown's decision. As an Independent, I'm growing increasingly frustrated with all the bickering and obstruction that is being done by mostly the Republicans and some Democrats. Politicians have forgotten who the work for.


CORRECTION "....The country's in [NO]mood for dining on bipartisan baloney sandwiches.

gringoNOTE: The Bipartisan Bongos, you will note, are being drummed on mostly by liberals right now. Why is that? Yes, ideally, "bipartisan" sounds wonderful. But how does it sound when all polls indicate that the Obots are virtually suicidally determined to ram some form of Obamacare down America's throat when the majority of citizens do not--repeat--do not want it? For the Republicans to side with the Obots on this despised Obamacare would be 'bipartisan'.

Anyone who resists is now termed by Libdom an enemy of "bipartisan" which the people allegedly (alleged by Libdom) are crying out for.

Nice try, libs. Now get your corporate media hacks to try harder. Who knows? You might even wear down the celebrated Scott Brown.

Ralph Ruiz

What polls are the Republicans looking at? The majority of this country wants real health care reform. What have the Republicans put forth that represents true reform? Premiums are going up, Insurance companies continue to care more their pockets; not their customers... C'mom and snap into reality, folks.


Ralphy boy, it you would read the websites of Republicans in the House and the Senate you would find your answer.

You're not going to find Republican ideas on your left wing lunatic fringe sites. The only thing you'll find there are exactly the lies you just espoused.

Conservatives have a much firmer grip on reality than do you regressive socialists.


Conservative Solutions

Now that CPAC, where politicians and pundits bathe in the spotlight is over, we can stop jockying for political position and get down to the serious business of offering Conservative solutions to the problems that challenge the United States of America.

The two gravest concerns we have looming on the horizon are an economy mired deep in recession and a gigantic, ballooning debt. How we got to this point is described in “Regressive Socialist Liars”. However, simply acknowledging that problems exist is only the first step. The real test is in offering solutions that work.

History tells us that government taxing and spending does not stimulate economic growth. In fact, the opposite is the case. It didn’t work for FDR to end the Great Depression, and it resulted in a “Misery Index” during Jimmy Carter’s term in office.

Higher tax rates results in reduced profits to investors, thereby inhibiting capital investment. Reduced capital investment leads to economic contraction, resulting in reduced tax revenue, which in turn tempts government to raise tax rates. In the face of lost tax revenue, big government proponents continue to persist in the belief that government spending will stimulate economic growth. Government spending on “jobs creation” is, by comparison to private enterprise, far less efficient. Not only is money wasted on costly unproductive pet projects, a portion of the revenue is lost before it ever hits the streets due to the cost of government overhead. The end result is less long term growth and larger deficits still, which in turn stimulate the government to increase tax rates yet again. The downward spiral is set into motion.

History also shows that the most effective method for stimulating the American economy is allowing individuals and businesses to keep their own money through tax cuts. It worked when Warren G. Harding reduced taxes in the 1920’s. It worked when John Kennedy cut taxe rates in the 1960’s. It worked again when Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush followed suit. When tax rates are reduced, the economy experiences sustained periods of growth. Despite businesses and individuals paying smaller percentages, because of economic growth, the IRS collects more revenue from a larger pool of taxpayers. Businesses enjoy profits which allow investments in expansion, which creates greater output, sales and profit, which in turn stimulate the need to hire new employees, who have more revenue to buy products created and produced within the private sector. This is especially true when the economy is based on manufacturing, an economic base to which we must return. An upward spiral is created. Not only are jobs created by cutting taxes, the increased revenues lower the government’s deficit.

That is, if you cut spending.

Regressive socialists love to point to tax cuts as the cause of deficits. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason deficits persist despite the increase in revenue is because spending continues unabated. The growth in revenue to the IRS gives politicians the cover they need to continue increased spending. The amount of spending growth has varied since the 1930’s. However, it has continued non stop decade after decade. The United States can’t afford any more increases in spending, no matter how seemingly insignificant the percentage of growth.

Government spending must be cut. Not just in some areas. The bottom line cost of the U.S. federal budget must be reduced by appreciable amounts. Not tomorrow, not next year, not next decade. Now.

Where to cut?

First, we should follow the example set by Ronald Reagan when he fired the Air Traffic Controllers when that union went on strike. Unions for local, state and federal government employees should be permanently abolished. Employees should be offered a chance to keep their jobs at private sector salaries. Since unionized government employees make an average annual salary which is $32,000 more than private sector employees, across the board savings would be considerably impressive.

Second, with the exception of proven friends and allies, America should cut all foreign aid. Why is the United States borrowing money (with interest) from the likes of Communist China in order to give it to countries hostile to our existence?

Third, the United States should withdraw from the UN, stop paying dues to support the organization, and expel them from our shores permanently. The UN was founded after World War II in order to prevent a third war involving nuclear weapons. Since North Korea and Iran are both on the brink of deploying such weapons despite the existence of the UN, why are we allowing third world dictators to come to our country, granting them diplomatic immunity, then sitting on our hands while they insult us and our way of life…on our dime? The UN is involved in programs and regulations that go so far beyond the original mandate that continuing to fund and be a member of this organization is no longer in the best interests of the United States.

Fourth, cut government subsidies. With the exception of being the referee when truly required, government should not be involved in the free market enterprise system. Government subsidies such as farm subsidies interfere with the free market principles of supply and demand, and are being kept alive by special interest groups.

Now comes the hard part.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are the largest unfunded mandates for which the U.S. government is responsible. Simple arithmetic shows that when future rates of collection are compared to future rates of payment, these programs are simply unsustainable. Continuing to provide these entitlement programs unchanged will soon lead to the United States becoming financially insolvent.

When Social Security was established, the age of eligiblity, or the age you could begin collecting was 65. At that time, the average life span of an American male was 58, while women lived to age 62 on average. Combine that life expectancy and eligibiligy age, factor in people making Social Security payments for the duration of their working careers and the original system was not financially stressed.

Today, Americans live to a much greater age. The average lifespan of men is now 73, while women live to be an average age of 79. Combine this longer duration of payout with the increase in eligible recipients that will result from the maturation of the baby boomer generation and there is clearly going to be a financial burden on the existing system.

The age of eligibility should be adjusted to conform to our increased life expectancy. This same formula should be applied to Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, no payments should be made to those who have not paid into the system. This would apply to all foreign nationals. If a foreign national is working legally within this country, they wouldn’t be responsible for paying in, because they wouldn’t be eligible to collect. If they’re here illegally, they shouldn’t be on anyone’s payroll to begin with.

Many will claim that this isn’t fair. I don’t recall the Greatest Generation complaining about fairness. Many were homeless, stood in soup lines, scrimped and struggled through the Great Depression, fought absolute tyranny on two brutal fronts oversees, then passed a free country with a thriving economy on to the next generation. They cared for them. They spoiled them. America’s current sense of entitlement must be altered to conform with the new realities of today’s world.

The debt we’ve accumulated and continue to accumulate is an existential threat to the United States of America. To mortgage the well being of future generations in order to postpone the enevitable is not just irresponsible and dishonorable, it would be the first time a generation of Americans chose to leave the country a worse place for their children than was the one they inherited. All to spare themselves the pains of growing up.

America has reached the point where it needs to start taking strong medicine. This will not be easy. These will be difficult times ahead. Are we going to continue to swill champagne when we can only afford beer and leave the bill for the kids to pay?

The gravy train is over. It’s time to prove once again that we’re the greatest people living in the greatest nation on earth. Let’s fix this problem. Not because doing so will be easy. Let’s fix it because that’s the right thing to do.



John McCain Does It Again - AZ Vote For JD Hayworth

Senator John McCain is up to his Pro-Foreign-Multi-National-US-Big-Pharma-Corporation Tricks Again

S. 3002, the McCain-Dorgan Senate Bill, Threatens Your Access to Nutritional Supplements

February 16, 2010

Senators John McCain and Byron Dorgan have outraged millions of Americans in one fell swoop with S. 3002!

They have flat-out attacked dietary supplements in their newly introduced “Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010.”

Without an understanding or respect for the detailed and complex laws and regulations of the people’s treasured Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), McCain has misled the American people into thinking dietary supplements are not regulated enough.

On February 3, 2010, he stood on the Senate floor and said: “The dietary supplement industry is one that is mostly self-regulated”!

How could a Senator make such a public statement that is so completely false?

Could he be unaware of the hundreds of pages of the DSHEA laws and regulations that manufacturers must follow in order to keep their products on the market and protect Americans’ access to safe dietary supplements?

His comments about creating a more restrictive bill due to concerns from athletes that have taken adulterated products shows his inability to point the finger where it belongs.

We already have laws against adulterated products! DSHEA prohibits putting adulterated or contaminated foods and dietary supplements on the market. Those laws work.

DSHEA includes detailed and complex Good Manufacturing Practices and requirements for all dietary supplements. Those regulations work as DSHEA regulates foods and dietary supplements/nutrients and concerns itself with safety on all levels.

McCain appears to want to over-regulate food and dietary supplements as if they were dangerous drugs instead of enforcing existing, effective food and dietary supplement laws.

This kind of language sends a lightning rod through the consumer community and will not be tolerated.

He sidesteps the safety history of dietary supplements in favor of more and more unnecessary and hostile regulation that will squelch a consumer-driven industry.

He suggests additional pre-market registration requirements for all manufacturers and products. He suggests mandating reporting of “non-serious” adverse events even when there is no proof or verification of causation.

This would be in addition to the current serious adverse event reporting requirements passed into existing law within the past three years.

Americans hold that dietary supplements are not drugs, they are nutrients, generally regarded as safe, and the government already has the ability to take them off the market if they pose a risk of harm. We encourage the marketing of nutrients.

It is our right as Americans to eat nutrients of all kinds without first proving, like drugs, that they are effective to eat. We care about safety. But it is our right to decide what we want to eat.

Say NO to S. 3002, McCain and Dorgan's supplement safety bill!

And with this bill McCain is supporting the dangerous “permission please”, “positive list” concept that is drug based and already harming Europeans’ access to supplements with bill language that states: ‘‘is not included on the list of ‘Accepted Dietary Ingredients’, to be prepared, published, and maintained by the Secretary”.

Help defeat S. 3002! Tell McCain and Dorgan to honor our existing law prohibiting adulterated products and requiring good manufacturing practices.

Tell them to aggressively protect dietary supplements as foods and not drugs. Say NO to S. 3002. Stop this bill before it goes anywhere.

Write Senators McCain, Dorgan, and your own Senator and say NO to S. 3002.

Send this letter to your senator!

Contact your Senator online through the National Health Freedom Coalition

Read the original S. 3002 McCain-Dorgan Senate draft bill

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