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January 06, 2008



For just a moment last night Hillary lost her cool and that shrill, fingernails on blackboard, God-awful venom spewed forth from her mouth. I think she had enough of Obama and Edwards doing the tag-team on her. Richardson tried to help her as much as possible but nobody pays attention to his blather.

Rasmussen is showing Obama's lead is widening to 12 points in New Hampshire. I think this could be a blow out victory for Obama. It could be a real knockout blow. If she winds up in third place again behind Edwards she might lose her seat in the debates.

Romney is closing the gap in New Hampshire hammering McCain on his Amnesty Bill. McCain is going down on Amnesty and his trist with Teddy Kennedy.


Thompson is so out of this race it isn't even funny. His campaign has needed a serious dose of viagra or something for a long time. Giuliani's plan is to win by losing. Good luck with that. Huckabee is hoping for a miracle to keep his campaign going and if not he will try out for base player for Motley Crew.

McCain is campaigning on his ability to work with Kennedy and Fiengold. I don't even understand that so how could I comment on it. The thought of Kennedy and him in bed together crafting an immigration baby is revolting.

I've been saying that Hillary needs to allow Chelsea the right to speak. If she did maybe she would gain a little on the youth vote but Mommie Dearest will not share the mike. It's all over now anyway, Obama has New Hampshire locked up.


"When Washington and Jackson fled,
Folks thought our race of heroes dead,
But Freedom to her soil still steady,
Sent gallant Taylor, "the Rough and Ready."
Hurrah, hurrah,
Hurrah, hurrah,
Both night and day with voices steady,
Shout for our gallant "Rough and Ready."

When Zachary Taylor ran for President on the Whig Party in 1848 he ran on the campaign slogan which was his nickname--"Old rough and ready". He was a military hero of the Mexican War that had just ended. Not since 1848 has anyone run so hard on the fact that they are so "ready" to be President.

Well, I agree that she is "rough" but I don't think being the first lady of Arkansas and then first lady of America makes her "ready". During those years her first priority was preventing her hubby from chasing skirts.

After looking at her during Saturday nights debate she is so "rough". As the campaign gets longer and closer to Super Tuesday she will look rougher and rougher.


I know you are all interested in globalization, because you all responded to my concern for this issue and the actions of the CFR.

Here is Phyllis Schafly's take on globalization :



Good analysis, Monica.
Romney may have had some rest, but the others didn't give him much chance to relax on the dais. Surely looked like they were ganging up on him.

One wonders whether the 'electee' will have any energy or will left to captain the ship when this race is over!

BTW, saw you on TMG today. You were in good form, as usual, but your favorite color has the magnetic appeal. Cheerio!


I just want to thank Monica for her concern on this.


Listening to Monica's radio show : Howard Dean's
emotional response reminds me of a sea change that
rose up, crested, and overwhelmed Howard, and then
receded to never return.



Thanks for the link. If you haven't read Patrick Buchanan's books, you should. Looks like they are quite popular.

At least we had one candidate in this election who actually wanted to solve the problem with the border, but no one wanted to vote for him. I hope it isn't too late to solve this problem. Our elected officials on both sides are making it quite clear that they don't want to solve the problem.




The latest Rasmussen shows Romney closing in on McCain. With Independents sure to go for Obama instead of McCain it looks like New Hampshire may be Romney's Five-Forks (instead of his Little Big Horn).

Obama lead over Hillary is getting larger. Looks like she could go down hard tomorrow, possibly another third place finish which would make her toast. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, Which Old Witch----------Hillary, duh.


Steveok -- I never agree with anything you say politically, but apparently one thing we have in common is an appreciation for campaign songs. Do you have the Oscar Brand "Presidential Campaign Songs" CD, or the Chestnut Brass Company's "Hail to the Chief" CD?

J. Pierpont Finch

In last night New Hampshire Candidate Forum on Fox News Channel, I was impressed most by the directness and substance of Romney's responses. However, even Romney presented proposed generalities. For example, he claimed Washington is Broken from top to bottom and his private sector experience and executive experience as governor of Massachussets uniquely qualified him to make the neccessary changes "to fix Washington". BUT, specific descriptions of the changes he proposes to make were absent from his responses and the talking head pundits failed to follow up with questions about such specifics.


Fred, no I don't have those CDs but I will look for them on the Internet. I've not a big campaign song buff but I do like some of them. By researching things like that you can learn a lot of history from the time period. I do like the period from 1850 to 1865, it's a very interesting period.


Latest NH polls:
Obama-38%; Clinton-28%

McCain-32%; Romney-31%


If you listen to those CD's I think you'll enjoy them. It's fascinating to see how, through songs, it is possible to present a man who grew up poor as a rich dandy (Martin Van Buren) so he could be defeated by a man who grew up wealthy but whose image is that of a man of the people (William Henry Harrison). That's just one example.

Some of the songs are quite uplifting ("Huzzah for Madison"), some are clearly using scare tactics ("Little Know Ye Who's Coming" for John Quincy Adams, attempting to unnerve you about what might be coming if JQA is not president), others manipulate national tragedies for politicals purposes ("If the Johnnies Get Into Power Again" for Garfield), while others are just weird (George Bush's campaign using "This Land Is Your Land", a song written by a socialist and propounding socialist ideas in its complete version).

Considering how into politics everyone on this blog is, I recommend both the Oscar Brand and Chestnut Brass CD's for all of you.

Jack Flynn

When Obama said, "You're likable enough, Hillary." It revealed part of himself that is not likable. He revealed that he feels superior to women, as he stooped in his own mind to indulge her. This was not lost on the women of New Hampshire. They, in turn, refused to give him the key piece he needed to win.

Jack Flynn

This election will be decided partially by sexism and racism—who American males would rather have least in the Whitehouse—a black man, or a woman, both anathema to your average blue collar male worker and the lower middle class guy who has little but contempt, hostility and anger in his heart toward blacks and women.

The rest of us, will vote intelligently.

May the best woman win!

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