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December 18, 2007


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Go girl! Go girl! Go girl!


Have some guts. Go on Air America sometime.


Excellent discussion on O'Reilly about Hillary's negatives. I think if she gets the nomination what her negatives will mean is that the Republican base will vote in record numbers unlike any election in history. The Republican turn out will not be an issue in that election, it will be massive. The religious right sees her as a stooge of the devil so they will turn out in massive numbers whether Huckabee or Guiliani or Romney gets the nomination.


Squeezed in, sort of.

Talk about kneecaps, whoa ... look at Edwards now.
What greater gift of a woman for a woman?


Loved the black dress with the dash of Christmas from the red pin. It was sort of opposite from the McLaughlin Group when you wore a red dress with the black boots. Sort of an inversion, I'm surprised Truther didn't pick up on the symmetry.


I think your argument that there is a double standard with women candidates is generally true but in Hillary's case I don't think it is the ambition that people are turned off by, it is the dishonesty, the paranoia, not to mention her socialist views. When you look at her and ask why does she want to be President the answer I see is to obtain power, period. The perfect example is her statement that she wants to "take" the profits of the oil companys and give them to a government agency (that she will appoint) and redistribute the money as she sees fit. That is the essence of what she is about. That is her agenda, to gather power and then redistribute the patronage to maintain her power base. That is how it was done in Arkansas where she learned politics. That is how Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro does it and that is how she will govern.


I was thinking of being cutoff at the kneecaps by Hillary, as Monica had mentioned.
Sorry if I was unclear. Edwards may be suffering a reveral of fortune because of a haircut and a dalliance.

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