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November 19, 2007


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Sounds like the NYT does not have the report because they are quoting military officials. If it's classified, why are these officials telling the Times? Also, is it the proposal classified, or is the means by which the proposal will be carried out that is classified?

How about providing more info before going shrill?



Slightly off topic but would love to hear your input on this latest McCain/Clinton campaign conumdrum.



"guess the military commanders don't have to wait to get a copy BECAUSE THEY CAN NOW READ IT ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE NEW YORK TIMES."

Or, if they missed the NYT article, they can read it on your blog Monica.
Why don't you do an article on "secondary leaks". Then you can really begin to get those holes plugged.



Did you see this one?


Hope this works for you Jack. I'm going back to my back.


The woman dressed in black in the background who pushed over the flag, that wasn't you was it M/M?
Who is this Jack, Jack in the box?



Jack is Jack Flynn, a poster on this site. No, that is not me pushing over the flag. I have no interest in bashing Hillary, I just thought the video was funny.

Very nice post regarding your thoughts on "political correctness". Thanks for sharing.

Dave, John McCain spoke out against torture.

Have to go.



I was neutral on Sen Clinton until the political hit job by Media Matters on Imus. I have no doubt what so ever that Sen Clinton is up to the challenge of the Race for the Whitehouse. I like Joe Biden on the Dem side, and so far Duncan Hunter on the Rep side. Sen McCain lost me with his position on the Shamnesty Bill. America First, and yes I think Sen McCain thinks he is doing what is best for our own good. That is the problem I don't want an elected official making decisions based on what is for my own good. I am also tired of the family dynastys in this country Bush,Clinton,Bush,Clinton...I think we need fresh horses. I do believe if Hillary Clinton is elected this Country is going to take a sharp jerk to the Left.
The ground work is being laid by the Mainstream Media, they want Hillary Clinton, for next President, and they are pulling out all the stops. So much for our fourth estate, all time low in this Country for our so called Mainstream Media.
I am on the way to the video store "Live Free or Die Hard" is coming out today GRIN.



There are so many traitors among us, that its hard (or almost impossible) to tell who is friend or foe.
Evidently thay're also well ensconced in Washington.
In that case, 'Classified material' may be a thing of the past.

An enemy within the gates is always much more dangerous.


In that case Charlie, you and Finchy should position yourselves outside the gates, so that your presence won't be misunderstood.


This is what I am talking about, it would be easier to make a list of MSM, that doesn't support Hillary Clinton for President. Some Democracy, there should be an arrow over her head, everytime they run footage of her, on air, with the caption, this is your next President. The Media has decided, the same Media that brings you endless accounts of the Tabloid Princesses. Just say NO! to old media.




I disliked Hillary before the Imus story even took shape. I'm not impressed with her record in the Senate and I disagree with many of ideas.

John McCain lost my vote with his Amnesty bill, but I still respect him as a person. Why do you feel that he is trying to make decisions for us? I don't see what you see and I would like your opinion about him.

NBC established a new journalistic low for me with the way they reported the Imus and Virginia Tech stories. I've joined my friends who have abandoned the old media long ago.

I have a busy day ahead, so I might not be able to respond until tonight.



Hillary Machiavelli, is not going to let anyone stand in her way she has her eyes on the prize. I thought she would come out swinging but what happened to Imus was so heavy handed. I always thought that couldn't have been her husband's idea Bill is a Master of
Politics. I think they are in a time crunch now the election cycle started too early so her campaign machine can be hacked apart. I think this is why the GQ issue got axed, I suspect that December is going to be a really difficult month for the Clinton Camp. It is possible Bill Clinton is what is working right and I have stated before many times, the woman should listen to her husband SMILE. I am not a Clinton Fan, but I really didn't have any angst for the Clintons.

McCain tried to get a Bill passed for what amounted to Amenesty for people who are living in our Country illegally. McCain looking at the big picture of our aging workforce ect...and he does think he knows what is best for our country. I don't agree with him on this issue. WHERES THE FENCE? I will discuss Immigration reform when somebody in the position of Power in this country, does something to secure our borders and ports. People can come into this country in a legal orderly fashion. I also believe we should have immigrants coming in from other countrys besides people from the south of our border. That is only fair that immigration doesn't rely on a persons ability to sneak across the border into another country.


Cde. Mandrake,

What's your point?
Looks like the term 'TRAITOR' bothers you?

As they say: "If the cap fits, wear it!"


Oh the Irony! The "No Nothing" party, under the Machiavellian inducement of the prostitutes favorite toy boy, Dick Morris, initially wanted Hillary to run, because they thought that they could reduce her to a caricature with their dirty tricks and "swift boat" attacks and she would prove to be unelectable.
It has all back fired. She is at the top of the polls and they are scared to death.
Now, because they see the inevitability of her victory, all they can do is shake in their boots, promote Obama,(an even greater irony), and resort to name calling and other mean spirited tactics.
(Today, Monica actually accused Hillary of blackmailing Obama.) Ridiculous.

The Repubs should have known better.
Although "toy boy" Morris's commentary is sometimes insightful, his political predictions have been way off the mark for years.

Ho! Ho! Ho! says Santa, "I am filling your stockings with Hillary this year." Ho! Ho! Ho!

No Charlie. She's not a Ho. You are. And "toy boy" Morris is. You two ought to talk and cruise the dirty websites together. You'd have a ball.

And Charlie, the cap doesn't fit, because it is your size, not mine.


Davy Boy,

Since you're more familiar with the byways and alleys of the dirty websites, I think you're the best person to take Morris around.

And, you are so right about the cap not fitting. I don't think they make them to fit heads the size of beachballs.

Keep well!!

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