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July 16, 2007


Jeff Cortez

Firstly, thanks for the message you sent me. I am a Brazilian/Italian citizen who lives in Sao Paulo Brazil. Secondly, this is mind boggling. What can we do? Sadly, the only solution that comes up to my mind is that, there is a possibility that one day America will have to isolate itself from the Muslim world due to the fact that it (America) will never abandon Israel. It means that America may loose a 2 billion people (number of Muslims in the world) market. The good side of it is that India which has 1 billion people has a huge problem with Muslims is leaning towards America and is growing as much as China. Furthermore, I think that America should pay more attention to South America. A lot of people here love USA and feel left aside by this great country. Mainly, America has to urgently solve its energy problem. I can not understand why you don't focus on drilling in Alaska, Florida, California, and Utah. I've heard it would give you 20 or 30 years of self sufficiency on petrol and allow you to develop alternative energy sources like nuclear, ethanol etc. It seems to me, far away from USA that the political divide is ruining this beautiful nation. A nice solution for all your problems would relatively simple to execute. The Second World War the Marshal Plan the Appolo project and the Cold War seemed to much more complex tasks. However you were not so divided by that time. Now I think the priority should be unify America.

My best wishes - Jeff from Sao Paulo - Brazil

Tom TB

Jeff, you are correct, we should be drilling for oil, and as you say that would give us time to develop energy sources such as hydrogen. The problem with ethanol from corn is that farmers will stop growing human and livestock feed, so if these extreme environmentalists have their way, we would go from dependence on foreign oil to dependence on foreign food. We can eat corn, but oil is only good for industrial use. Greetings to the land of Jobim!



"Willing to be ruthless" in battle is all fine and good but, as you and Walid Phares seem to understand, The War of Ideas is paramount. Americans are into action and platitudes, but not ideas. How can they be "ruthless" in a war they can barely grasp i.e. to be clear on what it's about regardless of politically correct blinders? Or is it effective to thrash about "ruthlessly" at opponents who are half-understood at best, while they understand you by 95%? Well, gringoVision has its doubts. Americans are such soft touches for the glibocracy and its hacks.

Okay, you want a specific? Something that will show how difficult this is for americanos? Here's a brief paraphrase from a gringommentary of many news cycles ago:

If Christianity is the rebel offspring of Judaism, clearly the only son, then Islam is clearly the upstart grandson. (Monica, I'm sure you know about Muhammad rifling through Judaism, the Pentateuch, the Patriarchs etc, so let's save bandwidth and let the duffers do their homework.)The educated understand that the three monotheisms are organically related.

So why does this matter? Think War of the Monotheists (a good 1500 years old, but the term newly gringo-coined) the birth of religious intolerance and fanaticism (unknown to the Greco-Roman "pagans.") Getting controversial enough for you already? The "progressives" and others don't even want religion debated, since their crude comprehension brackets it under the general heading of "Bible thumping."

Here is the profound point. Ready? Judaism may have generated religious fanaticism and intolerance millenia ago, but that was then. It has long since ameliorated, reformed, become so much nicer. Most Jews you know want peace or utopia. They don't want to mow down the heathen or slaughter the first-born. In a word, historically Judaism became Westernized. All three of these world-shaking monotheisms came from the East, but only one of them in effect REMAINS in the East. That, of course, is Islam. I.e. Christianity has become very Westernized. Muslims and even some Jews must consider it "pagan" to a large degree because of the masterful art works, the statues, the "graven images" etc (a clear heritage from the Greco-Roman "pagans.")

This leads inescapably to the great dread of all the pc-ers, the diversity mongers, the multi-culty mush-mouths, the outright liars etc who want to deny the obvious: This Global War is in effect a clash of East vs. West. So the pc-ers, and the make-nice socialist Sammys and Jorge Bush's Bidness Globalistas who wish to make nice for their own power purposes and juicy Wahabbi contracts, must deny the obvious. Islam is stuck in the medeival East. Judaism and Christianity went through great modern Reformations. They became Westernized. Islam never did, and possibly never will. But it understands that the Trust Fund Ruling Class in the West today are emasculatos and not true defenders, let alone warriors, of Western Civilization.

This is terrible news for the highly-placed spin artists. Now, Monica, do you expect these well-placed emsaculatos to get real or to keep muddling along until the Moment of Truth hits?

ps. Have a story that illustrates what this American fear of ideas is doing right now in the U.S. But this is enough for now. Maybe later in this thread. We'll see.

From GRINGOMAN.COM, the most penetrating blog never read.

Son of a Biatch

Bravo, this is exactly right. Muslims want for nothing but to see the destruction of the West and a return to their backward 14th Century vision of life. The only thing these animals respect is force. We should stop wasting time and begin bombing targets within Iran. First, take out the sites where nukes are being developed. And to hell with the surgical strikes. Make huge craters out of the entire landscape, so the land is useless and transportation cannot occur for years. Next, take out their only refinery so they have to buy gasoline from outside sources. Make them understand the hardship for which they ask by threatening the West. Thirdly, reduce the capitol city Tehran to rumble, without warning. Do it coldly and without discussion. Forget what democrats, wimps and, peaceniks say about the matter. Completely destroy everything there. For sure you will get the troublemakers in the process. Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs need to go meet their virgins. There must be set a price for causing terror. If there are so-called innocent people killed, then it must be understood that there is a price for supporting the Islamic ideals of terrorism against the West. None there are truly innocent. Do this and watch the others begin to moderate their views, when they grasp the resolve of a Western culture who knows how to deal with Islamic barbarism. This should be done systematically to every Islamic nation who supports terror or attempts to extort the West through rises in the price of oil. After we take a number of these steps, we should get a handle on our own Hemisphere by taking out the regime of Hugo Chavez. We should not allow any communist nation to spring up in the West. Enough is enough.

Democrats don't like it? Too bad.


What kind of faith is not able to take any criticism?

One that has not endured a major reformation!

While we must confront them, in my opinion, it is also necessary that we give encouragement and support to those who strive to reform Islam.

Tom TB

KC, I agree, but who is out there that will come forward to bring Islam into the twenty first century?

James Pratt

Change must come from the determination and grit of those claiming to be adherents. It envolves sacrifice and we admire those with the courage to offer their own life for peace, change, and true religion; feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for each other. Sacrifice from those with "light" in their souls, and perhaps guns in their hands, will be needed to dispell the evils of murder and mayhem disguised as a religious doctrine.

Religious faith is synonymous with peace, love, abundance, tolerance. Cloaked in the disguise of religion, monsters including Hitler, whose SS wore "Gott Mit Uns" on their belt buckles, betrayed the one God and followed another. The age-old battle of light verses dark forces is with us still. Is it so hard to distinguish real faith and false? Courage from those inside the faith of the one being hijacked, is one part of the answer, but defense from the religiously-insane is the other part.

There will always be counterfeits to real piety. Listen to rhetoric cloaked in religious words, then connect the dots.

Killers who murder in the name of God, any God, aren’t religious. They are delusional, crazy, dangerous, and have created their own faith. When they attack they deserve what they so willingly mete out and pray for in return; death.

Final change in a faith system comes from people who stand up from within and without and say -- "Enough," and follow their words with actions.



If the human race is to survive, Man must ease up on his compulsion to conquer.


7/18/07: RELIGION of PEACE: Thailand: Violence continues unabated in the Muslim south – Islamist terrorists’ aim to make region ungovernable & create condition for establishment of independent Islamic state


7/17/07: RELIGION of PEACE: Christians crucified by terrorists in Iraq - Believers in Jesus nailed to crosses, tied with ropes, set ablaze


Jeff Cortez

As most of the people must know, to create hydrogen in a way that it can be utilized as energy, it is necessary another energy source. It could be solar, from wind mills etc. However the most reliable one is nuclear which has some drawbacks as the waste, price etc. On the other hand Ethanol can be produced in large amounts from sugar cane in tropical countries such as Brazil, some Central American and African countries with no damage to the food production whatsoever, because in these places there is not shortage of land at all. Furthermore, in Brazil and Central America there is not the slightest chance of any kind of terrorism threat to America. In Brazil, for sure and maybe in South America as well, people can love America if they see some benefit coming from a partnership. Yes, by importing Ethanol, America would be in some extent again energy dependent on foreign countries, but Brazilians and Central Americans are not muslins and don't hate America. Many Brazilians are jealous of America but there is nothing really serious. I don't know if Americans are aware of the fact that in Brazil all car engines manufactured nowadays are "flex fuel" i.e. they can be fueled either by gasoline or ethanol or by a mix (in any proportion) of both. My conclusion is that Ethanol could be part of the solution to the American energy problem.

My best wishes - Jeff Cortez - From Sao Paulo Brazil.


...... By the same token, if the human race is to survive, Man must ease up on his compulsion to be a willing victim of tyranny which is masked under the auspices of a presumed religion of peace. Those who parrot such platitudes and enforce their precepts with the death of innocent Westerners, must not be allowed to play the role of righteous actors in the commission of their murders.


There must be two Herbs posting on here. At any rate I take issue with the statement above by the other Herb.
He said: "Westerners, must not be allowed to play the role of righteous actors in the commission of their murders."
There is fanatical subtext here that implies that peace loving folk are traitors and action should be taken against them. People who come from that fascistic/ supremacist mode represent a real and current danger to our freedom. They have a will to exterminate, not reason.


War will not force the Islamic terrorists to abandon their violent course. It will only make them stronger and unimaginably worse. Militarily, we have already shown them what we are capable of and it hasn't budged them one hair's breadth of an inch.


The Islamic terrorists know our fears and exploit them, threatening our malls, schools and children—keeping us in a constant state of fear worrying when the next 9/11 is coming.
The U. S. seeks to alter their course by waging war with them.
It will not work, because the Islamic terrorist leaders know that their best cells aren't even in infancy yet—the ones that will contain dissatisfied and alienated American youth, the likes of Timothy McVae. They are our own and they will attempt to bring our Country to its knees.


Beyond a few more 9/11 type strikes, to let us know they are still around, all the terrorists have to do is wait for our home grown snakes to release their poisonous venom.
If the U.S. government is forced into a martial law situation, that would be the final death knoll for freedom in the U.S.. (Oliver North drew up a full scale martial law plan during the Reagan Administration. It is in place and ready to go.) We would have a police state, much like the enemies we have tried to defeat.


By fighting the war on terror the way Bush administration is doing, we are in danger of losing the very freedoms we are fighting for. We are well on that road now and that is why we need to get the hell out of Iraq. Our attention must be turned toward home, where it is needed most—turned toward the internal problems that beset America, and I don't mean immigration. (Those people are here and they are here to stay. They have earned it by their struggles to get here and remain. They have "squatter's" rights. They are entitled to a piece of the pie.)


Only the total elimination of poverty and its residual effects will give us real homeland security. We are only as strong as our weakest link and our immediate attention must go to those people who are most alienated, because if we don't give them the attention their desperation demands, not only will we lose them as potential contributors to our society, but the more dangerous ones will become the homegrown terrorists of tomorrow.


Yes, Larry. If we all just bury our heads in the sand and stop confronting those evil terrorists who seek to kill us all and put us back to the 6th century with them in charge, maybe they'll just go away and stop hating us. Then we can grow our own terrorists here at home who will hopefully be more civilized.

Amazing how many naive people there are out there who justg don't get it, eh Larry?

What every happenned to Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty? Who won that war?


Your real enemy is your fear and a need to project that fear onto a foreign enemy or on any suitable object, person or group of persons that happens to be conveniently there for you. You my friend NEED an enemy. They are only giving you what you want.

Our home grown terrorists will not be, "more civilized". They will scoff at the paucity of 9/11,
as though it was only a "dress rehearsal rag".

What happened to the war on poverty?
It hasn't been fought yet in a dedicated or meaningful manner by any President.
Nonetheless, it is the REAL war and needs to be fought with the same dedication Bush has displayed in the "execution" of his stupid war.

General Patton

HERB #1 said that HERB #2 said this: "Westerners, must not be allowed to play the role of righteous actors in the commission of their murders."

....... When HERB #2 really said this: "Man must ease up on his compulsion to be a willing victim of tyranny which is masked under the auspices of a presumed religion of peace. Those who parrot such platitudes and enforce their precepts with the death of innocent Westerners, must not be allowed to play the role of righteous actors in the commission of their murders."

It seems to me the second statement is the true context because it reflects the original quote. HERB #1 took the words out of context just like the idiot that he is and so the meaning was conveniently distorted. (right, JOL?)

Then HERB #1 goes on to say that using force on Islamic terrorists will not have any impact on their efforts. This is, of course, exactly CONTRADICTED BY ALL HISTORIC PRECEDENT. Imagine if during WW2 some stupid asshole came forward and said The Third Reich would not be impacted by any military efforts which were aimed at stopping their advancement. It would be the same thing.

You see, the fact is whether its Chamberlain saying it during the late 1930s or this dimwit HERB #1 saying it here on a blog, PEACE TALKS DO NOT WORK WITH TYRANNICAL REGIMES WITH A CORE OPERATIONAL PHILOSOPHY. Their only goal is to kill Americans and Israelis BECAUSE we exist in countervailing opposition to their goal of a 100% Muslim World. We are the Infidels who must die. HERB #1 lives in a candy-coated world that does not acknowledge this critical reality. And so he must be booted in the rearend until he understands that he risks his own life and the lives of all the rest of us by his continued insistence on Wrong-headed Policies.

HERB #1 should concentrate on Art and Gym class as this appears to be his forté in life. Leave the heavy matters to real historians and generals. Besides that, your mouthwash ain't making it and you are probably gay.

Larry is Jol

Hey Larry, you couldn't sell this BULLSHIT as Jol and you won't have any better luck as your new incarnation. You are a failure as a man. Your mission in life seems to be convincing us that we are losers in battle. You are the best friend of our enemies and I would slap you just like George Patton above, if I ever met you. You are a yellow belly coward.

Larry you Lunatic



J.P. Cardin, PhD

I would like to send Larry to the battlefront and force him to see the reality of
War. He has everything backwards. To him the islamo-fascist enemy is his
friend and his countrymen are the opponent. I'm sick to death of these pink
panty-wearing Libs who think its their obligation to impose some failing
peacenik philosophy on patriotic Americans. What kind of azzhole tries to
put his fellow Americans at a disadvantage in War? Larry should be sent
to Gitmo where he can study the Koran and bow to Mecca with his Muslim


Larry, Herb, Jol?????????

Are you sure you're not talkin' to me?

You've got them all mixed up pal.
Get a grip.
Your disassembled mind is showing.

Jack Romp

No Frank, they're talking to me. I cannot blame them, though.
During my life I have had my head deep up my butt and been
such a loser that even PeeWee Herman laughs at me.

Monica Rules!!


Glad to hear that you can function adequately with your head up your butt. Otherwise I would be attributing your dissonance to the likes of the character in "Miss Lonelyhearts", who was born without a nose. You think you got problems?
Oh, I shouldn't have said that. He'll think I'm a Jew and call out the Gestapo.
Have your second call my second. You made the challenge. It is my prerogative to pick the weapon.

cyndi s

America had better wake up! Remember the saying united we stand divided we fall. Well the Islamo-fascist seems to. We have the ability to do the job, but as long as the fascist has more rights then we do... Can't let them think that they will be held accountable for their acitins and punished for their crimes. All the while they are beheading our countrymen. they don't play around ask any area they have taken over ( That is if they still have a voice to speak with.)

Never Say Never Again

Frank is looking for a weapon because in a war of words he fights like an unarmed man

A more witless wonder could only be named Jol.... but then again, he IS gay after all .... somebody confirmed this on an earlier blog, right Jack?


Apparently you have had your head up your butt for so long you have developed a heightened sense of paranoia whereby you imagine that all of your political enemies are gay. Could that be the answer, or does your interest in the subject reflect a more intimate indulgence?
Has the Homo-Islamo-Fascist agenda of your enemies got you down fella?
In your case I don't think therapy would work.
Why don't you try mooning.
Let the world see what you see.


If you are presenting, "United we stand, divided we fall" as the appropriate credo against the terrorist threat, it falls way short.
Nazi Germany was fully united wasn't it?
What was missing in Nazi Germany Cyndi?
Let me answer that for you.

As far as the beheadings of our countrymen go, why should the few that have occurred at the hands of terrorists alarm you more than the thousands that occur here at home due to homicides and auto accidents.

If it is the cruelty of our enemies that offends you, think of the thousands of Iraqi children we have burned alive and crippled with our own merciless weapons.

I ask you, (if you had a choice), would you rather be burned alive or have your head chopped off?
Personally, I would go for the head chopping. At least we could avail ourselves the opportunity to die with purpose and/or courage. Our weapons, particularly those that arrive through the air, leave nothing for anyone but pain, "terror" and destruction.


Is an azzhole some kind of flower?
Do you cultivate and grow them in your garden?
If so, you don't need fertilizer, my friend.
Just speak to them.

Believing My Eyes




Jack Romp

Copied from: http://jackromp.blogspot.com

If the human race is to survive, Man must ease up on his compulsion
to conquer.

posted by Jack at 11:27 PM 0 comments

Look at all the phony things posted on my site and how they match the fake names on Monica's blog. I think I need a doctor!

The real Jol

Yes, do check out the link above provided by "Believing My Eyes" (the perp).
Check it out and see how thoroughly Mark Simon guts the paranoid perp who in his delusion thinks Mark is Jol.
In the thread, I explain the situation to Mark, who is no dummy and really doesn't need explanations, but I gave it anyway.
By the way, on that thread, "Monica in the No Spin Zone", the first three Jol posts and the one in which the perp is exposed for the fool he is were posted by by me, (the real Jol), The rest containing the salacious gay smears were posted by the impostor perp.

The real Jol

To all,
By the way, the blog the perp links to above is my real blog. http://jackromp.blogspot.com/ You right wingers won't like the blog but I thought I should clarify, because the perp has been using it to make one or another of his delusional and twisted arguments. You will find the real, (no frills), me there, my real name, and links to my book and U-Tube videos.
The real Jol, (Jack)

The real Jol

I apologize Mark. It's Mark Simons, not Mark Simon.

The Real Jol

By the way, I've only had three gay experiences. One was with my camp counselor. The next was with my best friend at a party we went to at Cornell U.
The last was with a cute dude I met from the DNC last year. I'm not really gay. I was only experimenting at the time and so what. Its nobody's business but mine. and this is the last time I will discuss it, so shut up.

The Real Jol

Now look, I'm NOT gay. Alright? Just because I tried it a few times doesn't make me a connoisseur of the lifestyle. Okay?? Now chill !


I peeked back in and see that you are still not doing so well as me. Tch. . . Tch
Remember what Snuffy Smith always said,
"Times a wasten."


Jack smelled like a beast. I had to get out of there... FAST

I thought I was in Funkytown!


The actual Jol

You just loved that story, didn't you perp. Are you fixated on Joanie now or was it the sun room scene that got you so. . . excited?
Truth IS stranger than fiction, my friend. To that extent, you represent truth. I give you that.

The Real Jol

It seems the perp is trying to clone Joanie as well but he will never duplicate her brilliant blue aura. Oh how I remember her best was when we took that orange sunshine. Am I saying we were on the bus? You bet we were.

We merged into the Clear White Light and I remember her from the beginning of time as co-creators. Just like deja vu all over again. We danced til midnight, our hearts beating as one. All facades removed I looked in her eyes and knew her essence was the same one we shared. ...... Now she thinks I smell.


Now I understand perp. You have taken acid and your mind couldn't handle it.
I hate to disappoint you fella but Joanie is fiction—a product of my pen. Embrace her at will, but per usual, you will come up empty. It's a mad dream your having, but be careful. You will crash.


Just remember perp.. Joanie is not real but my satori is very real. I am the ultimate wise one here and that's why I can set myself up as Judge over all you conservatives. I am more human than all of you. And more understanding.

There is a very good reason for this. I drink a lot and as every Irishman knows, this is a great source of inspiration. I hope someday you will appreciate the grand foundation of my wisdom and wit. And even if I did sleep with a man once, I was born this way, so it was meant to be. I saw this vision one day while trippin by rearend off, walking down to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. This is where I first saw that beautiful vision of Joanie. She was everything a man could want and all mine. But alas, it was not real like the men in my life had been. Now I live with an old bag who makes me take out the garbage. Dreams are much more fun.

By the way, did I mention I wrote a book?


Why don't you write a book. It might help you as it as helped me.


You're incisive analysis gets to the heart and reality of the matter. Hate mongering and posturing does nothing to help us understand the the problem. It only fuels the unconscious flames on both sides.
Thank you for your insight and wisdom.


Please excuse the typo. That is your, not you're.


Did I mention Irish Whiskey is my favorite? I really like Old Houligan. 90 proof. It'll make you kiss the Blarney Stone, friends.

Ahh, its almost time for my lunch ... Know what I mean? \_/ \_/ \_/ heh heh

Jack Romp

Why won't anybody read my blog? Am I THAT boring?


Remember to leave a comment. Even my wife won't leave one.
Oh hell, is it time for my lunch yet?


O God, Horatio, what a wounded name,
Things standing thus unknown, shall live behind me!

W. Shakespeare

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