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January 10, 2007



What Rosie O'Donnel would most like to repeal is Donald Trump. While using ABC air to slander and libel him, she seemed to think he was a typical pol or neutered U.S. male in PC America, i.e. he would take her dimbo guff that delights her half-wit following. Instead, he talked truth to O'Donnel, pointing out the obvious: Her mouth is much bigger than her brain pan, she's a very unattractive lesbian (classic bull dyke?) and "a fat slob" to boot. Who knew? Apparently not her, or even Barbara Walters, who should have known.


Finally something Monica and I agree on!

Hilary Clinton is a total fake and if this country even thinks about her for President we are doomed.

Of course we base our belief on different premises.

I loathe Both Clintons for their many crimes against the people of Arkansas and the USA, particularly the drug smuggling thru Mena airfield, which Clinton and Bush were partners in.

Hilary is reprehensable human being and she should be relegated to the dustbin of history along with her husband.

Regarding the Patriot Act, if you don't see how it guts the bill of rights and constitution, there really is nothing you can learn and therefore a debate is moot.


I would love to hear Monica's take on the President's speech last evening and all the Political jargon and campaign speeches from the Democrats today. Personally, I think Americans should support the President on his plans to increase Troop levels in Iraq, as it is necessary to complete our mission to bring freedom to all the innocent, peace loving people of Iraq. It is only a small number of insurgents blocking the process, and a larger concentration of American Soldiers for annihilating the extremest militias and training the Iraqi Soldiers will insure victory for the Peace Loving People of the World.


Monica is acutely worried about more taxes, as are most Republicans, and they try to sell their fears and point of view to the middle class. What a selfish orientation.
They should think more of helping their fellow Americans, rather than p#ssing and moaning about losing a small percentage of their wealth, which in most cases has come to them through good fortune, "insider" information, and/or inheritance.
Poor Americans are for the most part not lazy and not stupid. Fortune simply has not smiled on them.
Republicans should be thinking more about giving and less about keeping and guarding their wealth.
If they lived their daily lives in the spirit of giving, they would be less fearful and anxious, and their children would be better off, morally and spiritually.

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