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July 08, 2006


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Hi Monica,
I listened to your show on Saturday and as usual disagreed with everything you said. (The story about you, the Hispanic janitor, and the ladies room was especially noxious.) However, we do have one thing in common—an appreciation of the word, "tantamount". I don't believe that there is anyone on earth who could enunciate it as beautifully as you did. So Kudos on that.
Your make-person did a credible job on your left cheek, but it was still visible.(For her sake, I hope she isn't Hispanic.)
I figured it was either a spat with the boyfriend or Imus kissed you there. Trust Imus's instinct on that one kiddo. Get rid of the bum.


To avoid misdirecting you into assuming that I am clairvoyant, I was referring to your TV show in the latter part of the post. If it was only a pesky mosquito bite, or someting equally unsevere, I do apologize.

Tom TB

Good interview, Monica, and I'm glad you brought up the fact that Donald Rumsfeld sure doesn't need the job for the money! There are a lot of easier ways to get through life than high-profile Public Service!


I figured it was either a spat with the boyfriend or Imus kissed you there. Trust Imus's instinct on that one kiddo. Get rid of the bum.

Posted by: Jol | July 09, 2006 at 12:34 PM

Nice blog, Jol.

Not one single comment on any of your posts.

Congrats, you're pitching a perfect game.

You should be thanking Monica. Without her blog, you'd be just another leftwing loser talking to himself on the internet.


Yes, Lady Brett Ashley, I read you.
I have often wondered that myself.
Am I talking to myself?
A lousy listener, I thought.
A total waste of time.

But this mind is busy recording in this space time continuum.
Every word is important, whether it is listened to or nay.
It is all sound. You are as happy or sad as you sound to other people.
I am from a theatrical background. I’m afraid that my words have to be delivered verbally to be understood.
But thank you for the comments.

Tom TB

Jol, why not STAY ON TOPIC! For example, is Donald Rumsfeld a better Defense Secretary than was Les Aspin?


Both of them have minds that were meant for other things.


Yes, "Brett", I too have wondered about that.
Sometimes I do get the feeling that I’m talking to myself.
Lots of visitors, but few comments, and out of the few comments, even fewer have commented on political matters.
Maybe they are a bit shy or afraid of controversy.
On the other hand, I am not looking for people to agree with me—just the opportunity to express my point of view.
Thanks for your comments.

While you’re here, check this out: http://deanfriedman.cf.huffingtonpost.com/


Back on topic: (I'll offer an Ann Coulter type of statement here.)
Let's compare Aspin and Rumsfeld. Both were the wrong men, in the wrong job, at the wromg time.
But at least Aspin was gracious enough to die.


hey rummy where are the WMD's. what happened to the cakewalk? nice vacation home. why do you take vacations while the troops you sent into baghdad are dying?


One possible scenario that we hope wiser men than those currently in power can prevent:

Israel drives Hezbollah out of Lebanon and they go to Iraq to fight against the common enemy, the Americans. Taliban fighters stream into Iraq from Afghanistan—along with fighters from Pakistan, Iran, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories. Our troops are virtually and actually surrounded over there. If we thought the bombing of the Marines in Lebanon was awful, wait until our troops have to defend themselves against two million, heavily armed, fanatical fighters, who believe they are doing Allah's work and are not afraid to die.

Wake up Rumsfeld. The Jihad has barely begun,


Scenario 2: (most likely)

Hezbollah captures and kills American citizens trapped in Lebanon. The U.S. bombs targets in Lebanon and sends in Special Forces. Iran Bombs Tel Aviv. The U.S. Bombs Iran. Israel takes out Hezbollah leader in Demascus. Syria invades Lebanon.

Result: World War III.

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